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Paul Chen Swords Viking Series by Paul Chen Swords

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Led by famous sword maker, Paul Chen, Hanwei is a leading sword manufacturing company with customers all-around the world. Some of its major distributions are to display and museum artists, hobbyists, and sword aficionados worldwide. Known for its traditional art of Japanese sword making, Hanwei is popular for Samurai swords, Viking swords, and Knightly swords. This distribution is made possible by collaborating with large vendor chains with a special mention to USA.


Viking Series – Blades That Go for the Kill

Inspired from the rugged weapons of the Vikings, this series includes swords, double-edged spear heads, and axes that are inspired from 10th century Scandinavian weapons. They are war-ready blades that will cut or pierce through any target. The spears of these series are balanced with tailspike for a good throw. Some of these weapons feature beautiful Nordic designs for historical accuracy, making them great collectibles for hobbyists, display artists, and museums.


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