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Paul Chen Swords, founded by Paulo Chen, was earlier known as Hanwei and has now become a popular name in the sword market. The brand works dedicatedly toward the interest of sword enthusiasts and serious professionals. It has, over the years, turned itself to be a missing link between antique and custom-made swords and people who would love to have them.


A Tool Prominent Since Ages: Axe

Since stone age, the axe has been a high-potential tool and weapon that can kill as well as save. Used for survival, wood cutting and food processing during outdoor activities, axes have different types and sizes depending on the usage. Some of the well-known axes are felling, splitting maul, hatchets, tomahawks, Viking, battle axes, and double bit axes. While using an axe, the user must take proper care to ensure they do not hurt themselves or anybody around them.


When It’s Knife Country USA, It’s Authentic

We run a small, family-owned business and deal in a variety of survival and tactical tools, weapons and accessories, both for serious professionals and recreational purposes. With proper training and expertise that we have gained over the years, each product at our marketplace goes out only after thorough inspection. From camping and cooking knives to fishing and hunting knives, Knife Country USA is a one-stop destination hands down!


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