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Criollo Knife Series by Nieto Knives

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Criollo Knife Series - Tradition Forged with Precision


Knife Country USA is excited to introduce the Criollo Knife Series, a collection that pays homage to the storied Gaucho culture of South America, renowned for their skilled horsemanship and legendary knives. The Criollo series from Nieto Knives captures the essence of this tradition with a modern touch, offering superior performance and impeccable style.


At the heart of the Criollo series is the 1.4116 stainless steel, chosen for its balance of toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance—qualities that are indispensable for the rugged lifestyle of the Gauchos. Each knife is expertly crafted with a satin finish, providing a sleek, smooth blade that is as striking as it is efficient.


Within the Criollo Knife Series, we present:


  • Criollo Gaucho Fixed Blade (NIEC16Y): Measuring 10.5 inches overall with a 6-inch blade, this knife is a testament to Nieto's dedication to quality and tradition. The linen micarta handle offers durability and a comfortable grip, ensuring the knife feels like an extension of the user's hand.


The full tang construction guarantees strength and balance, making the Criollo Gaucho Fixed Blade an ideal companion for any task, whether on the ranch or in the wilderness. The inclusion of a lanyard hole adds versatility, while the brown leather belt sheath is both practical and visually appealing, securing the knife close to your side where it belongs.


Knife Country USA is committed to providing our customers with products that reflect a deep respect for traditional craftsmanship while embracing the innovations of modern knife-making. The Criollo Knife Series is a prime example of this philosophy, bridging the gap between heritage and contemporary design.


Whether you're a collector, outdoorsman, or someone who appreciates the artistry of fine knives, the Criollo series is sure to impress. Each piece is bulk packed, emphasizing that these knives are crafted for those who value the substance and functionality of their tools.


Choose the Criollo Knife Series for a slice of Gaucho spirit and the assurance of Nieto's masterful construction. With Knife Country USA, step into a world where knives are not just tools, but symbols of a proud legacy forged with precision and care.

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