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Nieto Knives

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Representing the Perfect Spanish Craftsmanship


Nieto Knives are known for their excellent quality and well-built knives. The company came into limelight with the introduction of premium-grade knives for everyday purpose. Initially, the knives gained accolades from professionals for the perfect blend of design and functionality in every product. The company came into existence under the leadership of experienced craftsmen, working diligently to present a perfect range of knives. The knives by Nieto are a perfect blend of latest technology and skills that are very well reflected in the range. The wide range of categories includes from mount knives to hunting knives, pocket knife to bowie knives, big knives to scuba diving knives, desoil knives to survival knives, and many more to select from.


The traditional knives are a result of years of research and dedication with which the team members have made it possible to deliver an exceptional range of Neito Knives. Over the years, the company has grown by leaps and bounds to deliver the perfectly designed knives. Nieto is an ace cutlery manufacturer across the globe and has carved a niche in the international market.


Selecting from the Best Knives and Survival Tools


Nieto Fixed Blade Knives: The fixed blade knives in this series are manufactured using premium-grade materials that help to withstand extreme compression and works perfectly well even after multiple roughest uses. These are the versatile knives with the ability to penetrate flawlessly without getting stuck. The closing or opening mechanism of these knives makes these extremely reliable in most of the emergency situations. The blades are bigger than the standard knives and thus, suitable for the heavy-duty tasks. The compact and sturdy construction of the knives makes it much easier for the user to hold the knives for a longer duration.


Nieto Folding Pocket Knives: The knives in this series are manufactured to withstand extreme compression. The folding pocket knives are manufactured in Spain and are in great demand across American and European nations. These traditional-looking knives with smooth folding action are ideal for life-threatening situations. The knives are accompanied by the subtle, natural olive-wood handles that offer a secure grip and comfortable hold in most of the demanding situations. The compact construction includes the use of 58 steel modified clip blades, which is perfect for tactical situations.

Nieto Lockback Pocket Knives: Lockback pocket knives are manufactured using the premium-grade material with the ability to pierce through most demanding situations. The handles are made flawlessly using durable material that fits perfectly in the palm of the user offering commendable grip for long-duration tasks. These are the finest knives with two-handed closing, which is due to the mechanism located on top of the handle end. The frame of the knives is designed to give a classic look.


Nieto Saws: The saws are manufactured using premium-grade material that helps to deliver optimum performance with much little effort.  The saws are perfectly designed with the axe head that is accompanied by the handle, which is comfortable hold for the tiring tasks. The blades are born tough and have the ability to survive extreme compression.


Campana Knife Series: These are the traditionally crafted knives designed to be used in most daily tasks; the small and sturdy construction makes them easy to carry and suitable to fit in bag or pocket. The handles of the knives are light as a feather and are versatile, quick-to-deploy in emergency-like situations or most of the demanding situations. The knives are designed and manufactured in Spain with highly durable materials including Sandvik stainless for the spear-point blade. Provision of a lanyard hole makes it convenient for the user to carry the knives within reach.


Chaman Basic Knife Series: These knives are manufactured and designed in Spain and are provided with sharp fixed blades and flawless handles as well. The compact and sturdy construction makes these knives completely reliable for most of the situations. Use of materials like vanadium stainless helps to bring forth optimum performance in the toughest environments. These are designed to be used indoors and outdoors, for multiple utility tasks. The drop point blade and a lashing hole of the knives make for a preferred everyday tool. The provision of black micarta handles makes it much comfortable for the user to handle them.


Cuchillo Linea Cetreria Knife Series: The knives in this series are manufactured using premium-grade knife material that has the ability to perform smoothly under tactical situations. These are not completely ultra-lightweight or heavy knives but are slotted in between. The black leather shield sheath, AN-58 steel clip blade, pommel, and black-finished steel guard are some of the defining features of these knives.


Cuchillo Linea Cazador Knife Series: The knives are manufactured for versatile purposes including chopping, slicing, and cutting. These knives are designed using clip blade with saw back, from ABS and Zamak materials and are accompanied by the finger grooved handles that offer exceptional grip. The provision of pommel and trim are some of the defining features that make these knives completely reliable.

Cuchillo Linea Combat Knife Series: The knives in this series are manufactured especially for self-defense, combat, military or tactical uses. Nieto traditional AN-58 steel is used to manufacture the knives, which is known for the immense sharpness and hardness. Provision of olive-green ABS handles ensures complete balance and support to the blade and the finger grooves provide a perfect grip.


Cuchillo Linea Coyote Knife Series: The knives are manufactured using ultra-durable materials like AN-58 stainless, which is known for its extreme durability and toughness. The lanyard holes and full tang construction of the knives make these knives completely reliable for tactical situations.


Cuchillo Linea Traveller Knife Series: The traveler knife series includes the pocket knives that make everyday chores easy. The knives in this series have 58 Inox steel blade, which has extreme sharpness and hardness. The knives are designed with a perfect tip that helps to carry out the fine detail work and drilling work as well. Provision of natural olive wood handles offers a comfortable grip in demanding situations.


Linea Fighter Knife Series: The fighter series includes the finest range of knives that are specifically designed for the self-defense or combat purpose. The drop point blades of the knives are manufactured from traditional Nieto’s AN-58 steel that is known for its super sharpness, edge retention properties. These knives have handles with thumb ridge for excellent grip.


Navaja Linea Campaña Knife: These series features the finest-quality knives that are perfect for camping, mountaineering, and hiking. The knives are manufactured using clip point blade from Acero AN-58 steel that has the ability to withstand high compression. Use of heat-treat steel ensures high-edge retention, even after multiple uses. The natural olive wood handles with distinct colors add to the character of the knives and offer a comfortable grip.


Navaja Linea Climber Knife Series: The knives in this series are manufactured to ease everyday and heavy-duty tasks; the knives are ideal for the camping and hiking enthusiasts, hiking and climbing through most difficult terrains and mountains. The knives are a perfect example of compact construction, ideal weight distribution and perfect blade length, suitable for most of the demanding tasks. The provision of smooth micarta handle is another feature that makes it convenient for the users to use the knives in most of the situations.


Navaja Linea Junior Knife Series: This is a collection of everyday carry knives that helps to perform versatile tasks including the cutting and chopping chores as well. With optimum functionality, the knives are designed to withstand extreme conditions and work smoothly even after multiple roughest uses. Use of premium grade Acero AN-58 steel induces commendable strength in the knife body. Heat treated blade ensure toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance for a longer time.


Navaja Linea Storm Knife Series: These are the knives for everyday purposes for accomplishing everyday cutting needs and related tasks. The knives in this series include the drop point blades made from AN-58 steel, which is known for its remarkable edge retention properties even after multiple roughest uses. The heat treated AN-58 steel blades, the knives offer sharpness, toughness, and resistance to corrosion as well.


Nieto Knives Warranty

Nieto Knivesproducts are completely warranted to be free of any kind of manufacturing or designing defects, owing to the fact that the products undergo stern inspection and field testing. In case if any of the products are found to defect then the inspection will be done to make sure that the products genuinely defect. After the complete examination, the defected product will be sent for repair or replacement. The repair or replacement of any of the product solely depends on the availability of the product. Apart from this, the products are not intended to be used as chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers that can hamper the product’s performance and quality.


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