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Miguel Nieto Knives is a brand originating from Albacete town in southeast Spain and has been producing traditional and modern knives since the 16th century. The smith art of the manufacturer has been passed through the family for generations. In 1980, Miguel Nieto divulged in modern manufacturing technologies with his sons to build new company models.

The company began as a venture by Miguel Nieto and his brother that wanted to join their father working in a small factory. After years of effort, the brothers established a business and later decided to run two separate companies. The commercialization in 1980 created "m. Grandchild" marked new models. These models guaranteed reliability, quality, and originality in designs.

The Nieto brand is synonymous with the Miguel Nieto brand and produces high-quality AN-58 Spanish steel tempered to 58-60 HRC. Over the past few decades, the company has become a prominent global cutlery manufacturer. The premium-grade knives usable every day gained accolades from professionals to manufacture products with a perfect blend of functionality and design. Sharpness is the key feature of all the knives produced by the manufacturer.

The exceptional range of Nieto Knives has been fostered through years of research from the company members, and the organization came into existence the diligently working leadership of excellent craftsmen. As a result, the craftsmanship showcases a blend of skills and technology reflected throughout different ranges.

Miguel Nieto delivers high-quality and reasonably priced knives across Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, the US, and Latin American countries. Presently, the company offers individual and series of knife variants to the international market consumers via various prominent eCommerce and offline sources.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Nieto Knives

Nieto Knives is a Spanish company that manufactures premium-grade knives for everyday purposes. It offers a wide variety of knives, cutlery, and outdoor accessories for professional and home use. You can find the best folding and fixed blade knives for chopping, peeling, slicing for both indoor and outdoor use.

Are you having a hard time picking the perfect gift or want to spruce up your collection? Our knives are a great way to add more functionality to your kitchen or hunting gear. With Nieto top-quality knives, you'll be cooking, hunting, and surviving in the wild like a pro.

The Spanish knife brand currently manufactures individual sets of blades, fixed blades, and Lockback pocket knives. Besides this, it even produces saws and knife series of Campana, Chaman, and Fighter knife series. In addition, the company has variation series of Cuchilio Linea and Nevaja Linea knives for the international market. The former includes Cetreria, Cazador, Chaman, Combat, Coyote, and Traveler knives, whereas the latter include Campaña, Climber, Junior, and Storm knives.

Nieto Chaman knives are cutting-edge knives for all your outdoor needs. This Nieto Chaman Survival Knife has a vanadium steel blade that can stay sharp for a long time, a robust white micarta handle for stability and control, and a three-position black leather sheath. Another famous Nieto 440c Handcrafted Spain stainless knife is a choice for tactical and survival knives.

Nieto products are made with the best AN-58 steel and a lot of passion. The company's philosophy is to make knives that last in demanding environments, that will be reliable when you need them. So make a Nieto folding knife your constant companion, and you won't regret it.

The Neito Tactical Dagger, also known as Fighter Knife, is the perfect companion for outdoor adventures and hostile environments. This dagger features a 440 steel blade in Bowie style, a sharp saw-tooth on the back, and a gunmetal-finished blade that eliminates light reflections. The flat edge has a razor-sharp blade precisely ground, and the black handle is built to last.

The AN-58 material used for manufacturing is an extensively low carbon stainless steel that offers stain resistance and toughness with 58-60 HRC tempering. The chef, pairing, and serrated knives are crucial for kitchen chefs. Home cooks should go for mid-priced knives, but passionate chefs focusing on luxurious looks and craft should opt for high-end knives, including a splurge. Sharpness offered as a critical feature of the Nieto Knives is essential for all chefs.

Cheap knives often sharpen easily with minimal effort using the sharp maker but heavily and often usage may not hold the edge for long durations. Unlike Nieto Knives, many local manufacturers may use unsuitable steel that might become a common reason that the knives can't sharpen. The thinness of the steel makes sharpening the edge challenging resulting in lower outputs than expected and enhance the time to become dull. Bad honing is also a common reason for the less sharpened knives, and using low-pressure rod hone can resolve the issue.

Blades made of superior quality stainless steel and high carbon may not require sharpening and offer precise durability and strength. The best method of choosing a knife set is by feeling comfortable with the tools and bearing in mind that longer knives offer natural cutting space. Holding and making a few cuts with the blade would help understand hand balance with motions and comfort-ness. We'd advise avoiding sharpening on belt grinders as they change the steel's molecular structure and heat the blade.

Blade heating also softens the steel and makes the edge last for a lower duration. Therefore, the maximum sharpness of the knife is never achieved. We'd recommend professional knife sharpening after one or two years of frequent use. The two most common reasons for buying a new knife include handling falling off and loosening the blade rivets. You should avoid tossing a knife because of dullness as the blade can get sharpened. Using steel is fast and straightforward as the primary function involves straightening the rolled edge for a cleaned cutting. The key reason for knife dulling is also the beginning of rolling over the sharp cutting edges.

Neito Knives are available throughout the world with online retailers such as Knife Country USA.

Neito Knives Product Categories

Neito Fixed Blade Knives: If you're looking for the perfect knife for your outdoor adventures, Nieto Fixed Blade Knives is for you. Unlike a folding blade, Nieto combat knives are dependable in any situation. With a blade hidden inside the handle, they are durable and safe to use. They come with incredible features like a serrated blade edge, making cutting thick or tough items easier. These blades are also great for outdoor cooking and camping! Nieto fixed blade knives come in a variety of different blades and sizes for other uses.

Nieto Folding Knives: These Nieto Folding Knives are of top-notch quality and are perfect for people looking for a compact, lightweight knife. Available in various blade shades, these pocket knives have the look and feel of natural olivewood handles with some high-quality extras like nickel silver bolsters for added durability. Many EDC knives have a genuine olive wood handle with an inlaid polished chrome bolster, allowing a solid grip. These high-quality folding knives have 58 modified clip blades, which imparts superior sturdiness.

Nieto Lockback Pocket Knives: You never know when you need to cut through a challenging situation; that's why we have the perfect pocket knife for you. These knives are made from premium-grade material and fitted with the Lockback mechanism for added safety and grip. Many Nieto Lockback Pocket Knives feature an AN-58 stainless blade, birch or olivewood handle, and a lanyard hole for easy carrying.

Nieto Saws: Be the best that you can be. Get the right tools for the job. Keep your blade sharp and ready with Nieto Saw Knives, renowned for their sturdy construction and durable steel. From general household use to tactical jobs in the field, we have something for any job. Get your empowered tool today! The Nieto Saws Series is a line of sturdy, well-crafted tactical saws designed to meet various tactical operators' needs.

Nieto Knives Series and Survival Tools

Nieto Campana Knife Series: When you're in a survival situation, you need the absolute best in cutting tools with the most lightweight, durable materials. Perfect for your next survival kit or everyday carry, our folding pocket knives are made in Spain using premium materials like Sandvik stainless steel to ensure safety and durability.

Nieto Chaman Basic Knife Series: Developed and produced in Spain, with fixed blades and well-crafted handles. A small and robust design perfect for everyday carry or even demanding situations. Vanadium stainless steel blade, outstanding performance, made for you. These survival tools are built to handle both indoor and outdoor use. A drop point blade and a lashing hole combine it with a dependable daily tool.

Nieto Cuchillo Linea Cetreria Knife Series: This series, made in Spain by Nieto, consists of some of the finest Spanish knives. With its black leather shield sheath, AN-58 stainless steel clip fixed blade, pommel, and black-finished steel guard, this collection is undeniably stylish and sophisticated enough to slide into any outdoor adventure.

Nieto Cuchillo Linea Cazador Knife Series: Dressed to kill, the Neito Cazador Knife Series is the perfect fixed blade for those who are always looking to hunt their next prey. Every detail has been carefully considered to give you the best hunting experience, featuring Acero AN-58 steel clip blade with saw back and solid design. The handle is made from black ABS and Zamak for durability and offers a finger-grooved design for a comfortable grip.

Nieto Cuchillo Linea Combate Knife Series: Whether you're looking for a knife that will last a lifetime of challenging combat or a tactical knife to defend yourself from an attacker, the Neito Combate Knife is the weapon for you. Built with ergonomic grips, G10 scales, and ultra-sharp stainless steel blades, this is a self-defense knife that won't let you down.

Cuchillo Linea Coyote Knife Series: Neito brings a new line of knives for an unmatched experience from the industry-leading manufacturer. These knives are made from the highest quality materials by craftsmen experienced in making cutlery. It won't let you down and will last a lifetime. This series includes individual knives as well as knife sets that have different groups of cutting tools for various purposes and kitchen tasks.

Nieto Cuchillo Linea Traveler Knife Series: Tired of carrying a heavy knife for tiny tasks? Why not take a lighter, more versatile blade? The Nieto Traveler Series are pocket knives that are great for everyday carry. This 58 Inox steel blade delivers exceptional sharpness and durability, while the natural olive wood handles offer comfortable gripping.

Nieto Linea Fighter Knife Series: The Neito Linea fighter knives are the perfect choice if you're looking for a blade that will last. Every item in the line is made from Nieto's AN-58 steel, giving you a blade that holds its edge well stays sharp, and won't rust. These self-defense knives come with at least an 8" black leather sheath or brown leather sheath, as well as a lifetime warranty.

Niteo Navaja Linea Campaña Knife Series: Navaja Campaña is an excellent knife set for camping, survival, and other outdoor adventures. This set is perfect for those who want to bring all the essential tools they need on their trip. The hunting knives have a clip point blade made from Acero AN-58 steel which is heat-treated to enhance edge retention. Hunters and campers love these folding knives for sharp blades and ergonomic grip.

Nieto Navaja Linea Climber Knife Series: This Climber Knife Series offers everyday carry knives, each with an AN-58 steel blade with a satin finish. Their toughness and edge sharpness ensure they are ready to go wherever you go! These folding knives with white smooth micarta bolster are made for camping, hiking, and mountaineering.

Nieto Navaja Linea Junior Knife Series: Are you looking for a pocket knife that can be used to perform versatile cutting and chopping chores? Look no further! Navaja Linea Junior Knife Series features a perfect collection of everyday carry knives. You'll be able to chop effortlessly with the super sharpness of Nieto Knives. Natural olive wood gives superb support and grip. In addition, the Nieto Knives showcase decades-old knife-making artistry.

Neito Linea Storm Knife Series: From slicing tomatoes to chopping onions, these durable knives can help you prepare your favorite dishes and handle any cutting need. Choose from a variety of styles that range from boning to hunting knives. Blades are made from tough AN-58 steel, and feature Micarta handles for proper support and grip.

Neito Archer Survival Knife Series: Do you love the outdoors? Do you spend your weekend camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting? Then this is the survival knife series for you. This knife is perfect for any outdoor adventure or emergency with a 4.25" (10.8cm) satin finish Vanadium molybdenum steel blade and Cocobolo wood handle. Moreover, it comes with a black leather belt sheath for safety and easy carrying.

Neito Comand Knife Series: The Comand Series folding knives have a 4.5-inch closed Lockback, 3.5-inch satin finish Bohler M390 stainless clip point blade, and carbon fiber handle for easy gripping. It is a perfect Lockback EDC knife for indoor and outdoor use.

Criollo Knife Series: Criollo knives are an Argentine family of knives, one of the pieces that have been traditional with the gauchos. This cutting weapon was helpful because the gaucho killed his meat ate and was protected, and it used it like a razor. The Argentinian Knives are made from high-quality stainless steel blades and handle in Linen micarta.

Neito Guerrillero Knife Series: Guerrillero is a take on the iconic military knife. The main features are the satin finish, 1.4116 stainless steel blade, and wood handle. All of this creates a solid and durable knife for everyday use anywhere.

Neito Mountain Linerlock Knife Series: The Nieto Linerlock is an excellent knife for everyday carry. With its corrosion-resistant stainless steel blade, it's perfect for outdoor camping and mountaineering. The G10 handle will not break away if dropped, and the thumb stud allows for a one-handed opening. With its pocket clip and lanyard hole, you can put this camping knife anywhere safely. In addition, it comes in a box with a sheath, so you can easily store it.

Neito Semper FI Series Knives: For a knife that is unmatched in quality, performance, and durability, look no further than Neito's Semper Knife Series. These fixed blade knives are made of Bohler N690 stainless steel and feature black G10 handles that are both atypical and eye-catching.

Neito SOS Knife Series: This compact survival knife and the multi-tool kit are perfect for those who need to be prepared wherever they go. Easily fit into your bag and ready for any task, the Neito SOS Knife Series has a stainless blade and skeletonized handle.

Neito Warfare Plus Knife Series: The Warfare Knife Series is a line of knives designed specifically for high-impact military use. We've combined the durability of a fixed blade, the convenience of a folding knife, and the benefits of modern materials to provide you with an outstanding tool for any emergency.

Nieto Yama Knife Series: Imagine a knife that folds into a pocket. Its compact size is only surpassed by the cutting power of its blade, which is made from premium quality materials, and treated with a proprietary steel coating to ensure long-lasting performance. It's called Neito Yama Knife Series, and it's one of the best folding pocket knives on the market today.

Neito Knives Warranty Information

The Neito Knives Warranty is your assurance that you'll have a great experience with Nieto Knives while also giving you peace of mind. It covers your knives for a limited guarantee against any manufacturing and design defects, so you'll never need to worry about anything.

We offer a warranty on all our products that ensures that if any of them are defective, an inspection will be done to ensure that the products genuinely have defects. After the complete examination, the defective product will be sent for repair or replacement. The repair or replacement of any of the products solely depends on the availability of the product. Apart from this, the products are not intended to be used as chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers that can hamper the product's performance and quality.

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