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Unleash the Spirit of the Guerrillero Knife Series


Step into the realm of resilience and honor with Knife Country USA's Guerrillero Knife Series, a tribute to the valiant soldiers of the past. Handcrafted in Spain with a blend of traditional techniques and modern materials, each Guerrillero knife is more than a cutting tool—it's a piece of history forged into steel and wood, ready to serve the brave at heart.


Unmatched Quality with Every Blade The Guerrillero Knife Series stands out with its remarkable 1.4116 stainless steel blades, revered for their exceptional strength and edge retention. With a satin finish that speaks of sophistication and craftsmanship, these knives are designed to excel in both performance and aesthetics.


Model - NIECOE: Guerrillero Replica Military Behold the centerpiece of the collection, the Guerrillero Replica Military Knife, a respectful nod to the historical military gear. Measuring an impressive 10.13 inches overall with a 5.75-inch blade, this knife is a statement of command and capability. Its wood handle ensures a comfortable and secure grip, while the stainless guard and pommel reflect a dedication to detail. The accompanying brown leather belt sheath ensures that your Guerrillero is always at your side, ready when duty calls.


The Ultimate Companion for the Outdoors Whether you are a collector, a survivalist, or someone who appreciates the finer things in life, the Guerrillero Knife Series is your perfect companion. Its robust build makes it suitable for a range of outdoor activities—from camping and hunting to tactical and survival scenarios. With a Guerrillero knife in hand, you command a piece of art that's tested by tradition and proven in the field.


Commitment to Excellence At Knife Country USA, we understand the importance of quality and heritage. That's why we've curated the Guerrillero Knife Series for those who demand excellence. With our selection, you're not just choosing a knife; you're embracing a legacy of Spanish knife-making, crafted to stand the test of time and memory.


Immerse yourself in the legacy; arm yourself with a Guerrillero. With Knife Country USA, you're not just prepared—you're history in the making.

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