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Mustang Knife Series by Nieto Knives

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Embrace the Wild with the Mustang Knife Series at Knife Country USA


Welcome to the Mustang Knife Series at Knife Country USA, where the spirit of the wild meets the precision of the blade. The Mustang Series, forged with the ruggedness and grace of the iconic wild horse, offers superior cutting power encased in exceptional craftsmanship. This knife series is an ode to the untamed beauty of the wilderness and the adventurous spirit of those who explore it.


Unbridled Strength in Every Blade The Mustang Knife Series features the robust AN.58 stainless steel, celebrated for its high resistance to wear and the ability to maintain a sharp edge through repeated use. Satin finishes on these blades reflect the landscape's purity, echoing the series' inspiration. Designed with the needs of the outdoorsman in mind, each knife in this series is a steadfast ally against the elements.


Model - NIE6503: Mustang Fixed Blade Rosewood The Mustang Fixed Blade Rosewood stands as a testament to Nieto's commitment to quality. With a full tang construction for maximum durability, this knife features a 10.5-inch overall length with a 5.5-inch blade, perfect for tasks big and small. The rosewood handle not only offers a comfortable grip but also adds an air of classic elegance. A nickel silver guard protects your hand, and the camo paracord lanyard adds a touch of practical wilderness aesthetics. It is complete with a brown leather belt sheath, making it as portable as it is reliable.


Your Companion for Adventure Whether you're carving through a trail or setting up camp under the stars, the Mustang Knife Series is your companion on the journey. Knife Country USA has curated this collection to ensure that every adventurer has access to a knife that won’t let them down when it matters most.


Ruggedness with a Touch of Elegance By choosing a knife from the Mustang Knife Series, you're embracing a piece of craftsmanship that combines the untamed essence of the mustang with the precision of modern knife-making. Each knife resonates with the call of the wild and stands ready to join you in answering it.


Venture forth with the Mustang Knife Series, available at Knife Country USA, and let the spirit of the mustang guide your path. With a Nieto Mustang knife, the wilderness isn't just a destination—it's a journey.

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