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Uzi Lockback Pocket Knives by Uzi Knives

Uzi was established as a brand in 1950 and has, ever since, been contributing to the arms and weapon industry immensely. This Israeli brand offers folding knives, UZI throwing knives, UZI fixed blade knives, machine guns, and other law enforcement gears.


Uzi Lockback Pocket Knives: The Ultimate Tool


The lockback pocket knives by Uzi are definitely a must-have in every knife aficionado’s collection of knives. These knives are symmetrical, strong, and reliable when it comes to carrying them on outdoor adventures. These knives feature a locking bar mechanism at the back of knife and a spring that puts tension on the locking bar. With an ambidextrous design, these are ideal to use by both right and left-handed people. The back-lock mechanism makes these knives much safer to deploy and use, as the blades do not fly open.


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