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Great Eastern Cutlery

Operating from Titusville, Pennsylvania, Great Eastern Cutlery came into existence in 2006. The company was conceived with an idea to present the finest-grade folding knives that cater to the ever-evolving demands of the people from different professions. Started under the guidance of experienced craftsmen and knowledgeable professions, the company has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Their dedication, passion to present the best and commitment to deliver quality folding knives is reflected in the knives they offer. Great Eastern Cutlery has spent years in manufacturing domain and has gained enough experience to design precision engineered knives with utmost delicacy.


A Blend of Old School Crafting Techniques and Hands-On Manufacturing

Great Eastern Cutlery is known for presenting beautifully-crafted knives that are a blend of traditional crafting methods and hands-on manufacturing techniques. There is a varied factor that goes behind the manufacturing of designer folding knives. This includes years of deep research, understanding the minute details and encapsulating the right techniques to bring forth beautifully crafted pocket knife. The professionals have the skills and knowledge that very well reflect in the knives offered by them.


Well! It Indeed Takes 200 To Do It Right!

Great things take time, and this is indeed true in the case of Great Eastern Cutlery Knives. The knives manufactured by the company stand out from other products in the market owing to the unique manufacturing techniques that it adapts. Since Great Eastern Cutlery has gained accolades from across the world and the reason behind is the estimated 200 hands-on processes that the knives went through to bring out the best results. The result is a stunning pocket knife. These finest classical knives require at least more than 200 individual processes along with the finest materials and excellent craftsmanship. These knives ruled the golden age of pocket cutlery.


The professionals and skilled craftsmen working in the company have also honed the existing skills that made them more experienced and helped in bringing forth new innovative ideas that make the knives stand out from the crowd. Processes including designing, fabricating, assembling and finishing, are carried out with utmost precision leaving no room for doubt.


What Makes Great Eastern Cutlery Stand Out in The Market?

Great Eastern Cutlery along with two more brands, “Northfield Un-X-LD And Tidioute Cutlery”, focuses on the manufacturing premium range of knives that were designed and manufactured to cater the ongoing demands in the golden age of pocket knives, the early 1900s. The golden era witnessed the inventions of new knives made using the blades made from 1095 carbon steel and traditional handle materials. These blades when treated properly have the ability to easily take and hold an extremely keen edge. But staining and rusting was the only drawback that led to the making of Great Eastern Cutlery line of knives with blades made from stainless steel. With exceptional craftsmanship, the company was able to carve a niche in the market with the phenomenal pocket knives. It was only after 1950’s that stainless steel started catching the attention for the folding knives. Proper heat treatments allow the steel to achieve the required hardness. The use of alloys for blades induces exceptional toughness. These blades do not rust. Great Eastern Cutlery tries to keep the knives as all American as possible with maximum use of American cattle bone, American elk antlers, and American hardwood. The Great Eastern Cutlery acorn shield makes these knives easily recognizable.


Great Eastern Cutlery Product Series


Great Eastern Folding Pocket Knives: This series by Great Eastern Cutlery is manufactured for the professional knife users and collectors across the world. The knives are made using 1095HC steel that induce commendable strength to the knives that has the commendable penetrating ability. The blades smoothly glide through most surfaces. The blades are born tough and have the ability to withstand high compression and distortion. The steel clip and pen blades have the required sharpness and strength. The blades are complemented by the flawless satin finish. The handles are made using micarta, jigged bone that is wide and comfortable to be carried for long duration. The handles fit in the palm and don’t strain the hands while performing tasks.


Warranty Information

Great Eastern Cutlery offers complete warranty on the products to be free from any kind of designing or manufacturing defects (be it in material or workmanship). Although, in rare cases, if the product is found to be defected, complete inspection will be done, and it will be sent for further repairing or replacement. The repairing or replacement will be completely dependent on the availability of the parts at the company. Great Eastern Cutlery does not warrant its products against the normal wear, abuse or misuse. Apart from this, there is no warranty on the natural handle material after the knife has been used. The knives by GEC are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, screwdrivers or in any other form, as it can hamper the performance. In addition to this, any of the physical or cosmetic alterations to the products will void this warranty and no claim will be entertained.


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