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Reed Cutlery came into business in 2003 with the basic objective of providing the end user a shopping experience that is memorable and worthy of being shared. The brand has a history of creating patrons with its dedication to quality. As a knife shopping destination, Reed Cutlery is home to some of the finest knives out there, from butcher and carving knives to those meant to be used in the outdoors. Cougar Creek represents a Reed creation – specialty, tough knives that know how to get the job done. Expect one of US’ most popular handmade knives, using the most premium steels and handles that can last a lifetime.


What to Expect from Cougar Creek?

Cougar Creek refers to itself as the “knife people”. This is not surprising since Reed Cutlery is associated with showcasing only the best knives. The usual, off-the-shelf variety does not make the cut here. Their customers expect great quality, that typical American toughness in knives and a greater shopping experience that is marked by higher levels of personalization. Cougar Creek does not believe in “All tell, no show”. They are true to their promise of delivering bespoke knives, some outright striking, some with antiquated details and an emphasis on the old way of creating knives that is high on craftsmanship rather than mechanization. Mentioned here is a list of what Cougar Creek offers to its customers:


  • Mountain Man Knife: This is more or less a butcher knife, meant for extreme situations. It was originally used by mountain-dwelling and horse-riding men who needed such variety of survival knives that could properly help to protect them from dangerous situations.
  • Skinner Knife: This knife usually has a wide and short fixed blade. Skinner or skinning knives are meant for hunting purposes, and don’t have much springiness to them.
  • Survival Bowie Knife: This is the “one shot, one kill” knife that is completely survival-based and just about perfect for any dangerous situation, such as, heading to the mysterious forests with only a survival bowie knife by your side.
  • Other Survival Knives: Other survival-based knives include drop point hunter, mountain trapper, and mountain lock-back. This collection continues to grow with more boutique handle knives, each assuring you of a great grip and performance that stands unchallenged


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