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The Bestech Explorer are distinctive everyday carry knives you are guaranteed to adore thanks to their exceptional in-house design. These knives were designed with military, combat, and tactical uses in mind. But they are the ideal size and shape for daily use. The Riverstone knives boast a strong, long-lasting D2 steel blade. They are made of components that give them a refined, sleek appearance that is pleasing to the eye. They are constructed to be reliable slicing and dicing instruments for both large and small tasks. These closed knives feature a satin finish 154CM stainless steel blades. 154CM stainless steel is one of the best steels for knives; it has excellent wear resistance, exceptional hardness and sturdiness, and strong corrosion resistance. Varying from this, some of the knives in the series also feature stonewash and satin finish Bohler M390 stainless blades.


These G10 handles are extremely water resistant and made of highly crushed glass. They are among the most durable glass laminate materials on the market. Also, some of the knives in the series feature titanium handles and inlay construction. The extended tang construction of Riverstone knives gives them the balance and strength they need against hard surfaces. The thumb pull on the blades enables the easy opening of these knives. The lanyard holes come in handy in dangling these knives to any spot when they are not being used. Similarly, the pocket clips are used to clip these knives into pockets which renders easy portability while keeping these knives hidden in public spaces.

The black nylon zippered storage cases are moisture resistant which keeps these knives safe when they are not used.

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