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EOS Trident Knife Series: Elegance Meets Edge


At Knife Country USA, we are thrilled to unveil the EOS Trident Knife Series, a stunning array of precision-crafted knives that blend aesthetic refinement with cutting-edge performance. Each knife in this series is a testament to American craftsmanship, boasting CPM S30V stainless steel blades renowned for their exceptional edge retention and corrosion resistance.


Within the EOS Trident Knife Series, you will find:


  • EOS 100 - Trident Antique Green: A 5.75" folding knife featuring a 4.13" black coated blade, and an antique green titanium handle that exudes a vintage charm.


  • EOS 102 - Trident Satin Blue: This knife shines with a satin finish titanium handle and blue anodized accents, alongside its 4.13" black coated blade.


  • EOS 104 - Trident Bronze Blue: A bronze stonewash finish on the titanium handle is complemented by striking blue anodized accents, making this knife a standout piece.


  • EOS 105 - Trident Black And Gold: Sophistication is redefined with a black titanium handle and a black Cerakote finish blade, highlighted by elegant gold accents.


  • EOS 106 - Trident White: A pure white titanium handle pairs with a black Cerakote finish blade to offer a stark, contrasting beauty that is both bold and elegant.



  • EOS 101 - Trident Sasha Purple: A Sasha finish on both the blade and handle, along with purple anodized accents, give this knife a unique and captivating look.


Knife Country USA's EOS Trident Knife Series is more than just a collection of blades—it's a showcase of modern artistry and engineering. Each knife's handle is meticulously designed for ergonomic comfort and visual appeal, ensuring that every cut is as smooth as the knife is stunning to behold.


Whether you're a collector, a daily user, or someone who appreciates fine knives, the EOS Trident Series offers something for everyone. These knives are not just tools but companions for life's adventures, both big and small.


Explore the EOS Trident Knife Series on our product group landing page. Indulge in the luxury of choice and empower your daily endeavors with a blade that reflects your taste for the finer things in life. With Knife Country USA, you're choosing a knife that’s made with pride in the USA and designed to be by your side, always.


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