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Cudeman Suther Knife Series by Cudeman Knives

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Cudeman Suther Knife Series - Unmatched Elegance in Outdoor Cutlery


Knife Country USA proudly introduces the Cudeman Suther Knife Series, a premium line of cutlery that merges impeccable Spanish craftsmanship with the rugged needs of the great outdoors. Designed for those who appreciate the finer things even while braving the elements, the Suther series stands as a testament to what a true outdoor knife should be.


Key features of the Cudeman Suther Knife Series include:


  • Cudeman 255M Suther Fixed Blade: A jewel in the collection, the CUD255M boasts an 8.5-inch overall length with a 4-inch Bohler N690 stainless steel drop point blade, presenting a perfect harmony of length and strength.


Delving deeper into the series, each knife is a showcase of exceptional attributes:


  • Superior Blade Quality: The satin finish on the Bohler N690 stainless steel blade offers an aesthetically pleasing look while ensuring top-notch durability and sharpness.


  • Ergonomic Handle Design: Crafted with black polished micarta, the handle is both visually striking and practical, providing a secure grip complemented by elegant red liners.


  • Full Tang Durability: True to Cudeman's quality, the full tang construction means these knives can handle the toughest tasks without faltering.


  • Convenient Portability: Every knife in the series features a lanyard hole and comes with a black leather belt sheath for easy and safe transport.


Whether it's for preparing a campsite meal, carving wood, or as a faithful companion on your wilderness treks, the Cudeman Suther Knife Series stands ready to assist with grace and power. Encased in a protective box and emanating the heritage of Spanish knife-making, each piece from the Suther series is an investment in top-tier outdoor cutlery.


Embrace the art of adventure with the Cudeman Suther Knife Series from Knife Country USA. Explore our selection and find the blade that resonates with your spirit of exploration.


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