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UK-based Snugpak is a reputed company that manufactures sleeping bags and insulated clothing options for outdoor explorers. The voyage of this British Explorer was started during 1970s from Yorkshire, England. Comfort remains the key element in designing of Snugpak Outdoor Gear. For instance, sleeping in Snugpak’s Sleeping Bag is like sleeping on a thermal sleep mat, which remains unaltered incase of temperature variations.


Snugpak® has a very unique design with a synthetic fill and a diving insulated suit, even functional under deep sea. The insulation technology is also used in manufacturing sleeping jackets and bags. This particular a diving insulated suit has recently won the Millennium Product Award for its innovative design. Not only for outdoor campers, Snugpak Outdoor Gear is widely liked military forces of USA, Australia and Europe, worldwide.


Knife Country has been a leading provider of outdoor gear and accessories including many types of survival tools. Now, an online megastore, Knife Country USA boasts of more than three decades of experience in the trade of Snugpak Outdoor Gear. Also, we have enviable shipping services where most orders are shipped within 2 and 3 business days. Orders for goods that are not in stock too are usually shipped within 7 days, ensuring you never need to wait too much!

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