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 Snugpak Outdoor Gear


Based in the United Kingdom, SnugPak Outdoor is a true, pioneering British Company that originally commenced its business as a cottage industry. Founded by Brett Harris in the 1970s, the company is recognized for its well-designed outdoor gear. The massive inventory includes high-quality and intricately designed outdoor gear and other products that cater to the ever-evolving requirements of adventure lovers, trekkers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts and make their experience worth everything. The company is driven by constant innovations and improvements in its products.


The Story Behind SnugPak Outdoor Gear

The brand has an interesting story as its products. Brett Harris, the founder, saw his American co-workers wearing body warmers, and knew there would be a great market for them in the UK. He worked on designs and made patterns on his kitchen table and learned to sew. He used his free weekends to sell his products in the local market while paying the mortgage with his day job.


With the growing demand, he hired sewing staff, rented space in Silsden, and began advertising products nationally at outdoor exhibitions. The range expanded further in clothing and leaped into creating pack-size sleeping bags that brought the company its first recognition. Harris then approached a local engineer to produce bespoke machinery that reduced costs and saved time, bringing in a new level of automation in the industry.


It was in the 1990s that SnugPak came up and developed a high quality and premium synthetic fill, deep-sea diving insulated suit that was also a part of the demonstration along with the jackets, sleeping bags. The best part, the insulation continues to protect the user if they accidentally get wet. The diving suit won the Millennium Product Award for its design. In the 2000s, the company grew from a strong British manufacturing company into an internationally recognized brand. It won Queens Award for Enterprise twice in International Trade.


Best Outdoor Essentials That Makes SnugPak a Reliable Name

The company uses the Paratex Steelplate on the cream of products, giving the right balance between aesthetics performance. As part of the continuous development process, the company has introduced the next generation of sleeping bag technology. Softie Premier uses basic principles as the traditional Softie but has an improved extrusion technology and binding resins result in a finer, softer, and more durable insulation.


Diving Deeper into the SnugPak Product Series  

 SnugPak Basecamp Sleeping Bag Series: The series features sleeping bags that are ergonomically designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. These are lightweight bags insulated with super-soft lining. These bags have a Snug fit hood which is a quilted top of the bag tailored, pleated, and fitted with a drawcord that takes the shape of the jacket hood.

SnugPak Hammocks: The hammocks by SnugPak Outdoor Gear are designed using innovative insulation technology. They work great in outdoor settings and offer protection against cold, biting insects, and more. They lightweight hammocks are made using nylon.

Snugpak Inflatable Mats: These inflatable mats are designed to offer extra comfort. Made using nylon, the mats offer a non-slip base to sleep on. Featuring a self-inflation mechanism, the mats have a blow-and-lock system that enables you to adjust the amount of air required according to your desire.

SnugPak Ionoshere Tent Series: This series includes the premium range of two-pole, on-door compact tents that are specifically designed for wild camping, overnight ventures, or while performing other adventure activities. This series includes the easy-to-pitch tents that are designed in a way that they occupy only minimum space when folded. These tents offer complete shelter during the worst inclement weather and feature Hydrostatic Head, which is the waterproof measurement of the complete coating, perfect for wild summer camping and causes no harm or minimum environmental impact during extreme weather conditions. These are wind-proof tents, ideal for a longer duration, overnight ventures, or for multiple-day use.

SnugPak Softie Tactical Blanket Series: These are the finest range of tactical blankets that are specifically designed lightweight enough to fit in the backpack easily while being super easy to use as well. It proves to be a perfect alternative for the sleeping bag and boasts a Paratex construction that makes it windproof and breathable. It is provided with a stuff sack as well.

SnugPak Journey Tent Series: This series includes the finest range of lightweight and durable tents that are specifically designed and manufactured for the roughest outdoor conditions. These tents feature a Hydrostatic Head flysheet that helps to keep you completely dry even in the pouring rain. Not only this, even during dry and warm nights, these sheets can be removed to allow using the full mosquito net. The tailored footprint of the tent also helps to protect the floor keeps the base of the tent clean. Apart from this, these tents have scooped mesh vent that offers increased airflow, and are makes them perfect for summer camping and when going on rough terrains as well.

SnugPak Jungle Bag Series: exhibits an array of sleeping bags for tropical conditions. The sleeping bags are suitable for hot and humid climates outdoors and save you from mosquito bites. The bags have Travelsoft insulation that keeps you comfortable with added roll-away mosquito net that keeps your face zipped.

SnugPak Jungle Blanket Series: These blankets are engineered using Travelsoft insulation technology which makes blankets a warm and lightweight alternative to bulky quilts. These blankets are designed using lightweight and soft fibers that can work well even when compressed into a small, compact size.

SnugPak Monster Kit Series: The series includes a unique range of nylon-constructed roller bags that are easy to carry. These bags give you an option to roll them or carry them as backpacks. Built durable, the monster kit is lightweight and works well even on the roughest terrains.

 Snugpak Aquacover Series: The series includes high-performance covers that help your rucksacks meet the toughest demands. These covers easily fit around the rucksack protecting it and keeping the contents waterproof with the extra layer of waterproofing. These covers come in five different sizes and can cater to any type of rucksack. 

Snugpak Basecamp Ops Sleeper Series: This series of basecamp Ops sleeper bags includes premium quality and a highly durable range of sleeping bags that are specifically designed to offer the much-required comfort and warmth in extremely cold and bizarre conditions. These are robust sleeping bags that are given a soft-touch finish and comes in manageable pack sizes, making them easier for you to carry anywhere. These sleeping bags are provided in a compression stuff sack that does not take any extra space.

Snugpak Dri-Sak: The series includes a wide variety of heavy-duty waterproof storage bags with roll and clip seals to ensure that the contents remain dry and safe. The bags are made from robust and lightweight nylon fabric and reinforced hem and buckle for a roll-down enclosure. They feature synthetic insulation that protects them to be worn out and work well even in inclement weather conditions.

 Snugpak Responder Pak Series: The series includes lightweight traveling bags that help you hold all your essentials in one place. These packs feature multiple inside and outside pockets and a main compartment with two side pockets. You can use this bag to carry a wide range of items from cameras to first aid kits.

Snugpak Scorpion Tent Series: The series offers basecamp tents that are easy to set up even in difficult and remote areas using an opposite pole design. They are highly preferred by mountaineers, climbers, and campers. They have impressive floor space and ample room for occupants. They protect you from the worst of four-season weather.

 Snugpak XOCET 35:  This series is appreciated for a range of daypacks that are designed to be lightweight, compact, and capable of comfortable carrying. These are 35-liter backpacks that have padded and adjustable shoulder straps for extra comfort. They have an organizer section and a handy water bottle section on the side.

SnugPak Travel Towels: These travel towels by SnugPak are the perfect travel companions as you go for day adventures, expeditions, and overseas travel. These towels are designed using intelligent technologies that reduce odor and minimize bacteria build-up. They are super absorbent, quick-drying, and perfect for all outdoor activities. 

SnugPak Poncho Series: Another addition to the already existing range of outdoor survival kits, this includes the wide range of Ponchos that are designed in a way to be used as insulation kit that helps to keep you warm in cold weather condition. These are smock designer ponchos that work perfectly as blanket pull-overs that gives the warmth you need for everyday camping or on a dry chilly night.

SnugPak Softie Elite Sleeping Bags Series: Offering much-required warmth and complete support in the most extreme conditions, these are the softie elite sleeping bags that are specifically designed to be used while you are on any adventure. These bags are designed in a way that these can control temperature, which indicates that it can be transformed from a warm, snug sleeping bag into a cool and spacious one. These bags feature traditional sleeping bags feature jumbo zip baffle.

SnugPak Stasha Shelters Series: The series comprises shelters that are improved concept of British Military Basha. They are made using 100% waterproof and lightweight polyester. They work well in wild camps and fast and light activities in the warmer months. They offer protection against sun, wind, rain, and snow. These shelters can be easily set up in rough environments and terrains without the need for perfectly spaced trees.

SnugPak Stratosphere Series: Explore the series for durable and robust shelters built for wild camping. They are smaller than standard tents. Boasting ultra-light alloy stakes, these shelters create a spacious canopy around the head leaving plenty of room to maneuver and good breathable access. 

SnugPak The Bunker Tent Series: The series includes dome basecamp and expedition tents. They are designed for robust semi-permanent shelter when exposed to prolonged severe weather elements. These tents are quick to set up even in rough and remote areas for extended periods. They are mostly preferred by mountaineers and campers. These bunkers boast impressive floor space and have ample space for three people.



Every product manufactured by SnugPak Outdoor Gear is free from defects in terms of material and workmanship. In case of any manufacturing defect, the end of the manufacturer shall be investigated. The product is open for replacement or repair in such situations. The warranty stands null in case of damage due to normal wear or misuse. This is to be noted that the products offered are not to be used as hammers, pry bars, and screwdrivers. In case of misuse, the manufacturer will charge reasonable fees for repairs.


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