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Sentry Products Group is a US company headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The company designs, manufacture, and supplies protective gears worldwide. With over 40 years of experience in producing some of the best tactical gear and outdoor equipment, Sentry has become a global brand. It focuses on manufacturing innovative solutions for the protection, storage, and transportation of military-grade equipment. The production line consists of Gunnar Series Plate Carrier and accessories; SENTRY Hexmag® magazine, SENTRY Scopecoat® protective neoprene covers for optics, and the SENTRY Slideboot™ neoprene firearms slide covers; SENTRY firearms grips, bags and gear, and the dry lubrication system of SENTRY Solutions protecting our warfighters' weapons and gear for decades in the most extreme environments.

Sentry Solutions applies innovative 21st Century dry film technology to combat corrosion, friction, and wear of tactical equipment, firearms, and gear. In addition, the company provides lubrication and cleaning items for all kinds of tactical gear and supplies Wolf Gray transportation sleeves for weapons, knives, and other things.

Sentry Solutions broadly has three product categories: Extreme - lubricant, protectant, and cleaner; Tuf-Cloth for protection against rust, friction, and wear for knives, firearms, and all kinds of sports gear; and Go Sleeve carriers for protecting guns, knives, and other valuable equipment. 

About Sentry Solutions

Sentry Solutions produces all kinds of tactical and protective gear solutions at its US-based manufacturing facility. The company is a global brand and is trusted by law enforcement, police, and outdoor adventurers. Its cleaning solutions and protective liquids offer years of life to equipment, knives, and other outdoor accessories.

One of the most popular products, Sentry Solution Tuf-Glide, is an incredible choice for cleaning pistols, knives, and maintenance tools. The needle applicator of the lubricator offers a precision cleaning mechanism to make your gear rust-free and long-lasting. You can use this lubricant to clean almost any metal equipment at the house, and it leaves no black streak residue after usage.

If you're a carpenter, sailor, fisherman, hunter, or in any other profession that requires you to work on equipment or gear that's exposed to the elements, then you need TUF-GLIDE. It is a dry-film lubricant and rust inhibitor for bonded protection that will not wash or wipe off. It's perfect for lubricating and protecting the hard-to-reach areas of all your equipment and gear.

Tuf BP2000 is a revolutionary dry-bonded film lubricant for metal surfaces. It does not contain oil, grease, or water so it will not attract dirt, dust, or debris. Dirt and corrosion particles are forced downward and away from the surface of the metal. Tuf BP2000 lubricant is ideal in precision instruments and machine parts, firearms, reloading presses, and cases.

What are you looking for in an armors kit? Protection? Durability? Look no further! Sentry Solutions provides the perfect armors kit with a wide range of products to suit all needs. In addition, with the latest dry lubrication technology, this kit will keep your firearm running smoothly and clean.

Protect your riflescope and optics from the harshness of nature with Neoprene. Neoprene is a common material in wet suits and is now in optic covers for firearms. The Sentry Optic Covers are military-grade to stand up to all terrains and environments.

Explore a wide range of Sentry solutions and liquids to keep your armors and equipment rust-free, safe, and durable.

Sentry Solutions Product Categories and Series

Sentry Solutions Hi-Slip Grease Synthetic Series: Grease Synthetic Series is the best choice for any situation, anywhere. Works on all types of metal. Abrasive conditions? No problem! Extreme temperatures? Got it! Need a lubricant that won't dry out or evaporate? Done! Keep your tools working and your car running smoothly with Hi-Slip Grease Synthetic with Syringe Applicator. It is a high-performance quality grease, ideal for lubricating metals in all types of conditions. It has excellent properties that make it perfect for metal parts in the industry, automotive, and marine use. This greasy solution is highly efficient and non-toxic and is packed in a twist lid plastic jar that guarantees the grease's long shelf life.

Sentry Solutions Smooth Kote Series: This Smooth Kote Series is the cutting edge of dry solid lubricant technology. It is manufactured using the latest technology and the finest blend of dry solid lubricants to protect your metal from friction and help in reducing all kinds of fouling. It has unmatched performance in protecting your gun barrel, bolt face& action screws, as well as recoil pads, and synthetic stocks. It is grease and residue resistant, which reduces the risk of these materials accumulating in machinery and degrading the performance of the equipment. It is a high-performance replacement for oils and silicones.

Sentry Solutions Tuf-Cloths Series: Protect your expensive knives, firearms, and sports gear with the toughest clothes on the market! The Sentry Tuf-Cloth Series is tough enough to endure friction from moving parts and protect against rust. They are also resistant to sweat that can corrode metal in firearms. Shop the Tuf-Cloth Series today! Marine Tuf-Cloth Series offers a perfect mix of fast-drying, water-displacing micro-bonding crystals that leave an anti-grip film on surfaces and are non-sticky for anything touched during cleaning. These cloths are ideal to be used on stainless steel, glass, and more. In addition, this series also offers a 12 x 12 Inch Tuf-Cloth Knife Sharpner.

Sentry Solution Tuf-Glide Series: Tuf-Glides Series offers custom-cut liquids and lubricants solutions for knives, firearms, and other equipment. You can protect your special tools with the Tuf-Glides Series made from state-of-the-art materials. They offer rust protection and lubrication that bonds the metal effectively. In addition, Tuf-Glides products are oil-free and outperform in demanding situations.

Sentry Solution Kits: Keep your guns protected with the best in firearms care. Sentry Solutions Kit is a complete set of all you need for your firearms. It includes cleaning supplies like bottle cleaner, applicator tip, pipe cleaners, and more. It also provides for gloves to protect hands from chemicals. Armorers and hunters around the world prefer these kits. Their kits are tested and approved by Navy SEALS as well as fully guaranteed for any environment. They've got you covered with their easy-to-use kits that can be used at any temperature and protect those hard-to-reach places with pinpoint applications.

Sentry Solutions Hi-Slip Grease Synthetic with Syringe Applicator: End the struggle to find the proper grease with Sentry Solutions Hi-Slip Grease. Sentry's Grease Synthetic is the perfect choice for all your lubrication needs. It has a heavy viscosity, so it won't run or drip. Use it on metal or wood. It's temperature resistant so that you can use it in any climate (-65°F to the hottest desert). And Grease will never harden, freeze, or melt. In addition, it comes with a syringe applicator that is perfect for hard-to-reach places.

Sentry Go Sleeve: Keep your weapon protected from the elements, visible on your belt or inside your bag, with the Sentry Go Sleeve. This neoprene holster is better than a Slideboot for bespoke pistols with flashlight/laser or revolvers. The organizing sleeves come sized for small, medium, and large frame handguns in 3mm quality neoprene that is weatherproof and low-profile.

Sentry Solutions Warranty Information

Give your knife the care it deserves, with Sentry Solutions. Our Warranty provides free Knife Repair Services whenever you need it on your knife or other items. No matter the type of repair needed, we'll fix what's broken or replace it if we can't. We can also teach you how to use your product, and make helpful suggestions on how to keep using it for its intended purpose.

Every Sentry Solutions item comes with a lifetime warranty against material and workmanship faults. Any faulty Sentry Solutions product will be repaired or replaced (at their discretion).

Sentry Solutions will return the actual product without replacing it. Some items cannot be fixed due to a lack of components. In certain cases, Sentry Solutions will provide a similar item currently in production.

Sentry Solutions does not guaranty against regular wear & tear or misuse. These products are not hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. Our repair service can assess and fix damage caused by the overuse of your knife or other items for a reasonable charge.

Contact Knife Country USA for warranty details.

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