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Moki Knives: Your Treasured Companion

With over 110+ years in the knife manufacturing industry, the foundation stone of Moki Knives has grabbed the spotlight since 1907 and has been able to consistently offer quality knives with utmost passion and technology. With years of experience, tradition, knowledge, and consistency Moki Knives has carved a niche as one of the finest knives making company, offering knives with time-consuming hand finish along with exceptional and legendary craftsmanship that grabs the spotlight. These are the ‘Precision Factory Custom Knives’ and there are numerous high-quality custom knives that are designed to outperform in most tactical situations. Manufactured specifically in Japan, Moki Knives products have a flawless finish along with precise inlay work. These knives feature true traditional values and are extremely popular among knife collectors, knife enthusiasts, and real-life adventure enthusiasts too. Not just for practical purposes or for collections, these knives also make a perfect pick for special occasion gifts.


Everything You Need to Know About “Precision Factory Custom Knives”

As a reputed Japanese Knifemaker, Moki Knives has surpassed the expectations of knife users across the world, the applauds and appreciation are in themselves reflect their dedication and passion towards knife making. Every knife at Moki Knives is specifically manufactured, beautifully designed in the cutlery capital of Japan, Seki. With more than a century of experience, Moki Knives are a piece of true traditional values immersed in the modern knife-making methods to produce a commendable tactical and everyday knife that works for years to come.  


The rich industry experience of Moki Knives is very well reflected in the knives; every knife is an art in itself. The knives are made with high-quality, natural materials that are beautifully finished to ensure optimum performance and reflect perfection. The precision blades of these friendly-looking pocket knives are unsurpassed. Most of the Moki Knives feature VG-10 stainless-steel blades that are complemented by the intricate detailing on the handles with the true traditional Japanese craftsmanship complemented by the dash modern technology. These knives have a strong fit and lasting finish and are also known as the Gentlemen Pocket Knives. All of these knives are provided along with leather sheaths.


Moki Knives are known for the finest methods that they have introduced for the production of exquisitely designed embellishments on the handles of their knives and they have already earned more than 180 designs and utility patents. The quality of each knife is maintained throughout and the consistency can be seen all over the series. The most prominent thing to consider, the inlays that are primarily made using exotic materials. This is indeed true, that no other custom knifemakers match the quality and consistency.



Precision Japanese Craftsmanship and Premium Material

Boasting true Japanese craftsmanship, and art, there are numerous kinds of knives presented by Moki Knives that include the Moki Lockback Black Micarta with Inlay. These interframe Lockback knives showcase the perfect blend of old traditional methods and the modern style, while the occasion-friendly interframe is specifically designed with a perfect proportion of micarta and finished stainless-steel material, which makes it a perfect pick for most situations and different purposes. Most of the knives have been accented by the sea snail and gold shell inlays that elevate the overall appearance too. The Lockback knives have an internal nail nick that allows easy opening and closing of the knife.


Not just this, there are varied other knives in the series as well that include the Moki Lockback knives that are a wonderful series of pocket knives. These knives are specifically manufactured using standard VG-10 stainless-steel blades that are made to perfection with plain edges, perfect for the finest cut through most of the surfaces. These knives have the mother of pearl handle, reflecting the true traditional skills of the designers and craftsperson. Featuring the SS frame and abalone inlay that looks magnificently beautiful. The Mother of Pearl handle complements the stainless-steel blades, abalone inlay, and the SS frame.


More About Moki Knife Product Categories

Moki Fixed Blade Knives: The fixed blade knives are specifically designed to carrying out tactical as well as everyday utility tasks, tasks, this includes everyday use, survival situations, hunting, training, survival events, military purposes, and self-defense as well. The full tang construction is complemented by the linen micarta handles that are added to the strength and stability of the knives. The frames of the handles are lightweight and offer ease of use apart from offering commendable grip. The use of mirror-polished VG-10 stainless steel makes these knives best for usage; the blades offer excellent edge retention.

Moki Folding Pocket Knives: Another addition to the knives series, these are the folding pocket knives that showcase the unique locking mechanism; expect these knives to surpass your expectations and work smoothly without getting distorted in most of the tactical usage. These folding pocket knives are ideal for carrying when heading out for camping, hunting, and trekking, while they can be used for everyday carry purposes as well. These knives are designed to be opened single-handedly, preventing accidental closure and thus prevent injuries; featuring the unique locking mechanisms.


Exploring The Moki Knife Product Series

Moki Banff Knife Series: Another addition to the already existing knives series, this includes the knives that are made using premium mirror polished VG-10 stainless steel that makes these knives stronger and sturdy over repeated use. The blades are made to perfection and survive the roughest strokes. These are the knives with full tang construction and are ideally designed for everyday use, hunting, survival situations, training, self-defense, and more.

Moki Bird & Trout Knife Series: It includes knives that feature sandalwood and quince wood handles for a secure grip. The AUS-8 stainless blades boast a stain finish, which makes these knives resistant to corrosion. These knives are suitable for adventurers, campers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts. The full tang construction allows you to use them with and increased striking force as needed in heavy-duty tasks.

Moki Blakiston's Fish Owl Knife Series:

Another range of knives that are well-designed and manufactured using premium-grade and durable corrosion-resistant stainless blades; the Moki Blakiston's Fish Owl Knife Series includes knives that are ideal for heavy-duty tasks, having minimalistic yet functional design. These knives are the preferred choice among travelers, adventurers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Moki Blossom Knife Series: The knives of the Blossom series are listed as one of the finest knives made using premium shiny steel handle, which is decorated in a subtle way and has an inlay of nacre. The sturdy and durable blade is specifically made from ATS-34-steel and is solidly places in a lockback. This adds more strength and stability.

Moki Calliope Knife Series: These are the knives that are specifically made and designed using the finest grade VG-10 stainless steel ensures optimum performance and provides excellent edge retention to survive the toughest situations, without getting distorted even after repeated use. The knives are designed with a stainless bolster that adds to the functionality. These knives can be used for the aggressive tasks performed by campers, trekkers, mountain climbers, and adventure enthusiasts.

Moki Clio Knife Series: Make Moki knives your ideal travel companion, this knife series includes folding knives that are well-designed and equipped with ironwood handles along with the Damascus steel blade that is corrosion resistant and adds the much-required stability over repeated use in most tactical uses. The provision of stainless bolster adds to the durability and functionality.

Moki Colon Neck Knife Series: It includes lightweight knives that can be hung around the neck with their durable cord. The small folding knife is a perfect companion for trekkers, hunters, and other knife enthusiasts. These miniature folders ensure safe portability. They boast stainless steel blade and come with two types of handles- cocobolo and micarta.

Moki Ezo Knife Series: The knives in this series are manufactured using the finest grad AUS-8 stainless blades that are complemented by the fine satin finish, which makes these knives stringer and sturdy for repeated use. These are the knives with corrosion-resistant blades to ensure optimum performance in the long run. The knives have a closed lockback design that ensures safety. These knives are ideal for trekkers, mountain climbers, hunters, campers, and adventure enthusiasts.

Moki Glory Knife Series:

This series includes the premium range of knives that are designed with the finest handle material and have mirror polished VG-10 stainless steel blades, to ensure optimum performance over long-lasting use. These knives have quince wood and mother of pearl handles, which offers ease of use to the knife users and eliminates the unwanted strain too. The corrosion-resistant knife blades offer excellent edge retention properties and survive the roughest strokes. Moki Glory Knives makes a perfect addition to your collection.

Moki Meek Knife Series: These knives are designed to prepare you for a tactical situation. These pocket knives help you accomplish your cutting tool requirements. The series includes classic folding knives that are equipped with high-quality handles which ensure a tight grip. The stainless blades boast a satin finish, which makes these knives resistant to corrosion. The closed lockback design of the knives ensures safety.

Moki Pliant Knife Series:

Moki Knives are indeed considered the best when it comes to traditionally designed knives with optimum performance. These are the knives with an AUS-8 stainless blade boasting a satin finish that adds more strength and protects the knives from unwanted wear and tear. The blades are made to perfection and are resistant to corrosion. These knives have lanyard holes that can be used to add an extended chain for greater visibility.

Moki Rabbit Knife Series: A unique combination of traditionally designed and manufactured Japanese Higonokami and the modern framelock system. The Rabbit knives have the VG-10 flat grind along with the satin-finished stainless steel; not just this, the provision of a notched thumb opening lever helps to open up the blade easily and also helps to firmly lock the blade immediately. The knives are equipped with black linen micarta handles in a polished finish.

Moki Small Folder Knife Series: This knife series includes small folder knives that are well-designed and equipped with stainless-steel blades and steel handles. This adds to the strength and stability, to perform varied tasks without getting distorted. These knives are durable and are used for slicing and cutting purposes as well.

Moki Serapis Knife Series: The knives in the Serapis Knife Series include the knives that are specifically made using the finest grade and durable VG-10 stainless steel that adds the much-required strength and stability to the knives. Many of the knives are made using white M.O.P. with the gold shell & apple coral, lack micarta inserts inlaid with green sea snail and gold shell, and many more such intricate detailing. In this series, every material is selected carefully and cautiously, including the natural materials for knife handle inlays, inclusive of shell from white and black M.O.P.

Moki Leaf Knife Series: There is another addition to the already existing knives that includes the Leaf Knife series. These are the classic folding knives that are specifically manufactured and designed using closed Lockback design, mirror polished stain blade, and sturdy handles that add more strength and stability to hold and perform tactically or any other task with complete power and smooth action; offering impressive and accurate performance. The blades are strong and pierce through most of the surfaces without distorting. The knives are provided with a leather-lined canvas belt sheath.


Warranty Information

There are different knife categories and products presented by Moki Knives with authentic and traditional methods in combination with modern technology. These knives manufactured by Moki Knives are completely free from any kind of manufacturing defects and come with a warranty period as well. In case of any defect that has been detected at the time of use or arrival, the knives can be replaced or repaired in that situation. A complete inspection will be done by the team to find out the defect and then, further examination will be done. However, if the knives are subjected to misuse in terms of the hammer, pry bars, and screwdriver, they will not be replaced in that situation and nothing will be entertained in that regard.


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