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Solar Power Gear

Realizing the critical need for artificial lighting among campers, hikers and other survivalists, the concept of Solar Power Gear came into existence. With these wireless wonders, you can ditch your chemical batteries and harness the most green, natural source of light—the Sun. Solar Power Gear will help save a fortune of money owing to modest purchase cost and negligible operational costs.


Understanding Solar Power Gear

There is a wide array of equipment to choose from when you are shopping for Solar Gear for outdoorsy, camping-like requirements. Your outdoor activity and the amount of time spent outside impacts the kind of Solar Gear that will make most sense for you. This includes:

  • Solar power charger

  • Ultimate survival gear

  • Pocket power pack

  • Personal locator

  • Solar spark lighter

  • Solar spotlight

  • 1.8 Watt Solar Battery Maintainer

  • Adventurer Water Purifier with Solar Charging Case

  • Folding Solar Battery Charger

  • Solar panel kits

  • Light hex tarp

We Promise Transparent Deals


Knife Country USA is an established e-store. We handpick our growing range of Solar Power Gear & Outdoors Accessories. We ensure our customers get the best deals by procuring Solar Power Gears from leading brands in this segment like Swiss Tech Tools, Silva Watches & Tools, and Brunton Gear. Please call or email us for any questions.


What brands are manufacturing Solar Power Gear?

Listed below are direct link to brand pages on Knife Country USA. This is the top brand that are manufacturing Solar Power Gear currently.


  1.  12 Survivors Gear Solar Power Gear