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Looking for pouches and pockets to make life easier? Want pouches for storing cameras, survival kits, flashlights and pistols? Maxpedition brings a range of pouches and pockets for easily storing all kinds of equipment. All Maxpedition products are made in Taiwan. They come with PALS webbing or Velcro on the back and front to easily attach to bags, tactile vest or life jackets. Due to the webbing inside the pouches, it is easy to store pens, notepads, medicines, batteries etc inside too. Dual zippers, paracord tie down point, clamshell openings and hot pulls help to access things with lightning speeds. Our camera pouches have a soft felt backing to protect camera screens and lenses from scratching and abrasions. Another product is the carry pistol pouch which is a standard pistol size pouch along with inbuilt magazine holders. QT breakaway strap and hot pull with dual zippers make it easier to access the pistol in times of emergency. The flashlight holder is highly durable and light-weight. The size is adjustable to fit any flashlight in use by policemen, military personnel and outdoorsmen.  It has a patented belt swivel for various mounting angles. All one's needs will be met with this range of pouches and pockets, offered by Knife Country USA's online store.

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