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Rapala Knives

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Rapala Knives have been a leading standard when it comes to choosing the best fishing knives across the globe. Rapala Knives can be an assest for camping knives as well as fishing. Recently, with the advent in technology, these Rapala knives are sold as modern electric fillets or electric fixed blades. Knife Country USA is one's headquater to meet all Rapala Knife customer needs.


The Glorious Past: Origin of Rapala Knives

Founded in the year 1936, Lauri Rapala came up with an idea to lure with a pseudo baitfish, made from a piece of cork. This idea hit the right nail and rest is history.  This is when; Rapala Company gained the momentum and started their own line of knives and accessories. The recent catalogue of Rapala Knives includes Kitchen Knives, Fishing Knives, Hunting Knives, Fillet Boards & Cleaning Stations as well as Knife Accessories.


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We are an established e-store, specializing in the niche of selling Outdoors Accessories and Knives. To ensure you get the best deals, we procure our increasing range of Rapala Knives from the most reliable resources and sell our inventory at very reasonable prices.

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