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Butterfly & Balisong Knives

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Knife Country USA has an array of knives we offer to our customers; a couple of our best sellers are the Butterfly & Balisong Knives. Portable, compact and easy to use. The Butterfly & Balisong Knives are an unbeatably great martial arts muti-tool. These knives feature two handles that rotate around its tang.


Well known as gravity or fan knives, balisong and butterfly knives are designed to be instantly deployed with a flipping action. The tanto point knives not only offer great strength, useful points, but also, provide a quality pommel. The Butterfly and Balisong Knife is great for ease of concealment and maneuverability.

Knife Country USA offers exceptional brands, such as, Bear & Son Cutlery, Bradley, Benchmark, Cold Steel, Gerber and Mantis to name a few.


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