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Assisted Opening Knives

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Assisted opening knives emerged as the most popular safety knives, and used in various self-defense activities. It is a kind of folding knife that is opened using thumb stud or finger flip attached on its blade. Because of the mechanism, the knife, is sometimes referred as “strut & cut” knife. Unlike Switchblade knives, these assisted opening knives, have to be started to open by the user. After the user starts to open the blade, a “spring” takes over and finishes opening the knife. These tactical folding knives are widely appreciated.


Keeping track of ever-increasing demands of our customers, there is an exclusive range of assisted opening knives available for everyone to choose from.  Assisted opening knives include different types of knives namely linerlock knife, bolt lock, and framelock knives. Assisted opening knives are equipped with strong metal handles sometimes polymer inlays are added for ensuring that perfect grip. Most of our blades and handles are pre-treated against corrosion, deformation and abrasion.  Our line of knives are from leading brands like Smith & WessonSeberGerberKershaw, BuckBlackie CollinsBlack SavageBlackfoxSOG and Camillus. When effectively used, this assisted opening knife guarantees to serve as a great everyday tool.  

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