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Blackjack Mamba Knife Series by BlackJack Knives

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Blackjack Mamba knives are a must-have for all EDC users, collectors, and knife enthusiasts. These functional knives harken back to the iconic customized knives built by the popular knife maker Mike Stewart. Featuring slightly recurved blades, these fixed blade knives are a great pick for slicing, cutting, and chopping tasks. The Mamba knives sport surgical steel blades which are optimally weighted to slice through the skin, assisting the user in hiding preparation. A majority of these must-have EDC knives feature wooden handles with stylish flowing lines that add to their timeless charm. Ideal for the general as well as outdoor chores, these knives provide a comfortable, proving to be of high utility. These knives are highly preferred by hunters, campers, and adventure seekers. Most of the Blackjack Mamba knives come with a leather belt sheath that enables safe portability.

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