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BlackJack Knives

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BlackJack Knives

BlackJack Knives was founded by Mike Stewart and Steven Lewis in Los Angeles in 1987. Their first knife Mamba was designed and grounded by the founder and logos were engraved using chemicals. The company faced a major setback in its establishment year when it got almost bankrupt. They then moved their operations to Japan for expansion of the production line. In 1991, BlackJack Knives moved back its operation to the U.S. from Japan due to the low-profit margins in Japanese products.


Their happy times began after they received investments in the U.S. The company started its productions in Effingham, Illinois. Even after facing a huge competition in the market, BlackJack Knives specialized in manufacturing high-tech belt knives, companion knives, tactical knives, bowie knives and much more. BlackJack knives use convex blades which are durable and hold edges for longer periods. The company uses convex grinding for sharper blades which is better than contemporary V-Bevel method.


An Elegant Range with Assured Quality

BlackJack Knives uses high-quality material such as A2 tool sheet and Micarta in making most of the products. However, BlackJack knives are not so cheap yet these are worth a purchase. The company and its designers never compromise with product quality. Smart buyers, knife collectors and knife enthusiasts who have a good taste in knife collection look forward to finding best-in-market fixed blade knives, folding knives and boot knives for various elementary and tactical purposes.


Blend of Traditional Techniques with Modern Approach

BlackJack Knives are better than all contemporary knives in every possible way. The manufacturer continuously provides its customers with the trendiest designs. All product categories have some specific features that show the dedication and expertise of craftsmen. The brand has high-quality standards and uses a convex grinding technique to provide these modern knives strength and durability.


Ever-increasing Product Range

The range of BlackJack Knives is grouped as a fixed blade, pocket folding, and tactical knives. Each series includes sub-series differing on size, color, and usage. Following are the top-most selling series manufactured by BlackJack Knives:


BlackJack Fixed Blade Knives: These fixed blade knives are strong, sturdy and useful during tactical scenarios. Handles are strong and give a comfortable and easy grip to the users. The series have options to choose between drop point blades, spear point blades and other sharp point blades crafted for camping, trekking, or hunting.

  • Blackjack Classic Model 124 Knife Series: The made-in-USA knives have drop point blades with strong micarta handle and finger guard. Ricasso at the end of the blade provides strength to the blade and better control while cutting. These razor-sharp knives are shipped with a leather belt sheath for easy and safe carriage during hunting, trekking or camping.
  • Blackjack Classic Model 125 Knife Series: The knives in the Classic 125 Knife series are made of strong stainless-steel blades useful for slicing and heavy cutting jobs during camping, hunting or self-defense circumstances. These knives are handy with finger guard and have a strong stag handle making these knives suitable for cutting, splitting, or digging.
  • Blackjack Classic Model 125 Knife Series: The series offers Damascus knives with stag bone handle and drop point blade. Heavy pommel provided by the manufacturer can be used as a hammer or stabbing in close combats or life-threatening situations or during camping, hunting or fishing.
  • Blackjack Classic Model 127 Knife Series: These fixed blade knives are manufactured in the USA especially to be used in spilling, digging and cutting jobs. An aluminum finger guard safeguards the hand and provides a strong grip. The knives have Canvas Micarta handles. Clip point blades are very useful for piercing and penetrating jobs.
  • Blackjack Classic Model 4 Knife Series: Canvas Micarta handle with an aluminum double Quillon gives a strong grip to the Classic 129 knife series. A razor-sharp blade with through-tang construction makes the knife useful during hunting, trekking or adventure trips. Stainless-steel blades in the knives are durable and can be used for longer periods of time. These knives have hand-finished construction and convex ground.
  • Blackjack Classic Model 7 Knife Series: The manufacturer offers a wide range of knives having drop point blades and tough handles. The knives in the series feature a double Quillion and ricasso at the end of blades providing strength and precision cuts while slicing or cutting during hunting or trekking. Ivory Micarta handle makes the knives durable yet lightweight.
  • Blackjack Halo Attack Knife Series: The series is manufactured using A2 tool sheet with unique mortise tang construction which allows sturdy performance every time. The special feature of the series is finger grooved construction of the handle giving a strong and non-slippery grip for one hand operations during cutting, digging or splitting.
  • Blackjack Halo Boot Knife Series: BlackJack boot knives are designed to be carried in a belt. With stainless steel construction and drop point blades with patrol handles and aluminum guard. The knives in the series include a leather sheath and boot clip. These sharp and lightweight knives are one of the best choices to be carried to hunting, trekking, and fishing.
  • Blackjack Model 125 Bowie Knife Series: BlackJack Knives Bowie series is one of the topmost choices for hunters, travelers, hikers etc for its razor-sharp blades and strong built. The knives have stainless steel blades with clip point blades and Canvas Micarta handles. The handle is supported by pommel on one end and a brass finger guard at another.
  • Blackjack Model 13 Knife Series: Blackjack Knives Model 13 Fixed Blade Knife series have contoured antique Ivory Micarta Handle which is water resistant and ineffective to corrosion. Model 13 Knife series features unique design with a full-length mortised tang for heavy-duty tasks. Useful for survival and tactical purposes, the knives in the series have double Quillion to prevent accidental slipping. Lanyard hole enhances functionality which is often demanded by travelers, hunters, and adventure enthusiasts for easy carry.  
  • Blackjack Model 14 Knife Series: The manufacturer offers a series with mortise tang construction and Micarta handles. These knives are durable and strong which can be used for longer periods of time. The series has elongated blades and useful for the people who actively engage themselves in activities like camping, fishing, trekking or hunting etc.
  • Blackjack Model 155 Neck Series Knives: Highly-durable 155 neck series offers a range of easy to carry knives which are durable and useful in tactical situations. Drop point blades manufactured with high-quality stainless steel are sharp enough to cut down or dig in hard surfaces. These knives can be carried hidden under shirts or can be tied along the neck.
  • Blackjack Model 3 Knife Series: The series is uniquely designed by Darrel Ralph from China. The full tang Knives with a standard edge and having Satin finish is available in different color variants like black with nickel silver finger guard. The overall look of knives in the series makes them worth collectible.
  • Blackjack Model 5 Knife Series: This BlackJack model 5 series is specially developed for the use of military personnel and travelers. A through-tang built is common throughout the series for stable operations. The knives have double quillon guard with Micarta handles and lanyard holes. Premium quality stainless-steel blades remain sharp even after regular usage. These razor-sharp blades of the knife are long enough to assist the operator for self-defense purposes.
  • Blackjack Tac-Ops Knife Series: Blackjack Tac-Ops Knife Series offers partially powder coated carbon steel clip blade with thumb ridge for proper grip. Knives in the series have Finger grooved handles with a full tang construction. G-10 material used in handles is safe to use while cutting or grinding material. Black coated blade of knives is useful in close combats. Features like lanyard hole and Black molded Kydex belt sheath are add-ins to the knives.
  • Blackjack Upswept Skinner Knife Series: BlackJack Skinner Knife series features Pakkawood Handle which is durable and strong material keeping its shape for years. Most of the knives have a satin finish stainless skinner blade making knives a professional tool for hunters and skinners. The edges lack in flexibility hence stands strong even with harsh usage. The series features a brass guard for protection with a full tang to hold edges.


Blackjack Folding Pocket Knives: BlackJack folding knives series have a range of folding knives which are easy to carry. These outdoor knives can be used for a number of applications including trekking, hunting, fishing, and rock-climbing. The knives in the series are self-adjusting and many of them are made up of Titanium or quality steel.

  • BlackJack Linerlock Pocket Knives: Blackjack linerlock pocket knives are foldable and designed with a locking mechanism. These pocket knives have side spring locks making the blades easy to open and close. These self-adjusting knives are composed of Titanium alloy or steel. The liner lock is a great advancement in knife lock technology and supported the evolution of the tactical and one-handed knife. Many knives feature a finger ring which provides the user with the desired grip.
  • BlackJack Lockback Pocket Knives: A diverse collection of Lockback pocket knives is offered by BlackJack Knives featuring gentle lock back mechanism. The knives in the series are perfect for rudimentary jobs like cutting, piercing, splitting. You may also find Nickel bolster in some knives which hold the blade in place, making the knives durable and stable in the long run. Some of the knives in the series have Mamba G10 handles.


Blackjack Tactical Pens: These tactical pens are one of the most important tools for people who don’t want to carry a gun for self-defense situations. The black ink pens have a matte finish and aluminum construction with a blunt defense tip. The series also includes a unique tik-tock pen which comes with a paracord neck lanyard which allows easy transportation when you want to cut down a little weight.


Blade Tech Folding Pocket: The series offers a wide range of foldable knives available in Mamba or G-10 handles and a lanyard hole. A stainless bolster gives strength to the knife and allows easy opening and closing the blade with a gentle flick. All blades in the series are easily foldable and small enough to fit easily in pockets, wallets, and purses for everyday usage.


Warranty Information

BlackJack Knives offers premium quality products which are free from any production or designing defects. The main aim of the brand is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by providing a free replacement to any defective product. The product delivered can be replaced with a new product or with the one which is most closely available. Sometimes it may happen that product cannot be replaced owing to nonavailability of a delivered product or some part of it. The products cannot be used in place of hammers, screwdrivers, chisels, pry bars.


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