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Blackjack #5 Classic Knife Series by BlackJack Knives

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Blackjack #5 Classic knives are specifically designed to carry out outdoor chores. These knives are a true classic, with a real class and high caliber. Equipped with satin finish A2 tool steel blades, these fixed blade knives are ready to carry out tough, and heavy-duty cutting, chopping, butchering, batoning, and slicing tasks. The satin finish on the blades makes them resistant to rust, and abrasive factors while retaining the edge better. A majority of these classical knives are paired with canvas micarta handles that provide a sure, and comfortable grip, allowing the user to perform even the most complicated tasks with utmost precision. Thanks to the aluminum guard, and pommel, the users can easily maneuver the knives. Most of the knives include a lanyard hole that offers greater flexibility, and lets you attach it to the backpack pocket with a string.

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