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Rawling Swords serves as a one-stop destination to buy swords for martial art professionals, sword connoisseurs, hobbyists, fencing enthusiasts and European broadswords sparring enthusiasts. The product line is designed and manufactured in Britain with ultra-modern technology. The products are highly inspired from and made in association with Dave Rawling, the founder of London Longsword Academy and Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). Rawling Swords are trying to produce an alternative for steel blade swords by producing swords made of high-quality polymer. 


As the name suggests, Rawling Sparring Long-Swords have longer blades as compared to other sparring swords. Most of these swords have an overall construction of 48.5 in. including the 38 in. long blade made of synthetic. These swords are made without steel fittings which make them lighter than most steel swords. The blackguard handles have polymer made pommel end which is available in colors like Red and Black. The curved tip blades too come in different colors like Silver, Black, and White. These swords are popular among fencing manuals, martial art trainers and learners, hobbyists and sword collectors.


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