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Rawlings Swords is listed as one of the most reliable names in the knife making and tool industry and has carved a niche in the marketplace as a manufacturer of premium-quality fencing masks, highly functional swords, knee and throat protection gear. The company works closely with Dave Rawling, founder of London Longsword Academy and Historical European Martial Arts community. The company was established to provide a safe and secure alternative for the steel blades, which helps to prevent injury when training for the martial arts. Such training needs accuracy, precision, and qualitative swords but simultaneously need thoughtfully designed swords and other gear. Thus, Rawling Swords came forward with the highly functional and safe swords that are ideal to be used. The use of traditional Japanese and European sword-making techniques along with the use of quality assured and trusted material makes these knives most preferred by everyone. The swords boast quality construction and high performance. All of these products are specifically manufactured under the leadership of veteran experts and in different countries including China and the United Kingdom. Rawlings Swords caters to the ever-evolving needs of swordsmen, fencing enthusiasts, martial artists, and European broadsword sparring enthusiasts.


What Makes Rawlings Swords Different from Others?

Rawlings Swords never fails to disappoint anyone with its quality and performance, these are the products that are highly inspired by the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) community and Dave Rawlings, founder of the London Longsword Academy. Each sword at Rawlings Swords ensures commendable performance, has been designed with premium materials boasting excellent craftsmanship. Most of the swords are manufactured using a high-steel tensile rod which is compressed with a sturdy blade and full-length wide handles. Not only this, but the material also includes stainless steel and synthetic fiber that helps to manufacture highly durable blades. The use of reinforced high-impact polymer along with the rubber-like thermoplastic elastomeric for the making of handles offers a soft yet strong grip for a longer duration of time. These swords are made available in varied pommel color including black, red, and silver.


Rawling Swords has a massive inventory that caters to the varying demands of the professional users and sword enthusiasts, this includes the extensive range of professional swords like Long-Blade Swords, Sparring Swords, Messer Swords, and Stage Combat Swords. These are designed to incorporate the traditional sword-making practices along with the combination of state-of-the-art technology; a perfect example of tradition and technology at once. The swords showcase excellent craftsmanship skills and optimum quality construction. Rawlings swords can be assembled and disassembled with ease, making them easily portable. Some of these swords are ambidextrous –highly appreciated by left-handed martial artists, swordsmen, and sparring professionals.


Rawlings Swords Offers Some of the Market’s Best-Selling Products

Rawlings Swords are crafted precisely for special needs and purposes. The product catalog is designed for professional and outdoor use – specifically designed for martial artists and swordsmen. The extensive product range includes various swords, fencing masks, fencing gloves, and knee-shin protection gear.

Rawlings Basket Hilt Sparring Swords: These are long swords that are specifically designed with 34 inches silver blades and are highly functional, featuring the high tensile steel rod compressed along with the provision of full-length handles. These swords have a rubber-like thermoplastic elastomeric handle that adds to the functionality and offers excellent grip for a longer duration. The robust designs and ease of functionality make these knives extremely unique and offer ease of transportation as well (easy assembly and disassembly).

Rawlings Messer Sparring Swords

Another addition to the already existing range of swords that are presented by Rawlings Swords; these are the extreme synthetic series collection and are manufactured in the UK. The swords in this series are made using high-quality silver Messer ad feature the traditional Japanese and European design complemented by the black guard and a metal compressed pommel. The Messer Sparring Swords are widely used by fencing manuals and martial arts professionals for teaching young enthusiasts. The safe and secure curved shape of these swords makes them safe to be used in theatrical work as well. The swords feature authentic and traditional Japanese and European sword designs, apart from being completely comfortable and offering impactful grip.

Rawlings Single Hand Sparring SwordsThese swords are ideal for sparring and drilling. The single-hand sparring swords are synthetic swords without steel fittings which makes them lighter as compared to other steel swords. These swords have 34 in. long blades in different colors like Black, Silver, and White. These swords also come with red color pommel made from high-quality plastic that gives excellent balance to the sword.

Rawlings Sparring Long-Swords: These are the sparring swords that feature long blades made of synthetic and have blackguard handles with polymer pommel end available in different shades.

Rawlings Stage Combat Court Swords

These are the combat swords that are specifically manufactured and designed in Britain and the design on these swords are inspired from 19th century State Combat Military Sabres. The swords in this series are specifically designed with thinner blades that have unsharpened pointed tips, making them different from other series. Many of the swords in this series are 41 in. long while having 34.5 in. standard edge blades that are manufactured using stainless steel. The rubber construction handles have a silver-finished wrap-around hand guard that allows a comfortable handling experience and comfortable grip.

Rawlings Swords RD Fencing Gloves: RD Fencing Gloves are manufactured in China and are great for protection as well as control. The gloves are made of molded plastic plates to give protection to the fingers against every blunt weapon used while performing martial arts.

Rawlings Throat-Knee-Shin Protection:  This series includes the Rawlings Protection guards that are manufactured using hard plastic shell material that has a removable padded liner, which is specifically designed to offer maximum protection to the knee, throat, and shin bone. These are specifically for fencing professionals and enthusiasts since fencing swords can cause injuries while in action


Explore The Finest Rawlings Swords Product Series

Rawlings Swords Bastard Sparring Series: The Bastard Swords are highly functional and historically accurate with perfect balance. Most of these swords feature synthetic blades to prevent injuries and accidents during sword training and practices.

Rawlings Swords Cutlass Sparring Series

This series includes the cutlass sparring swords that are specifically designed and manufactured for rigorous but safe and secure training and not just this, these are designed after considering the regulations of the martial arts training. These swords are lightweight and highly flexible with the basket hilt grip. It offers optimum grip to hold perfectly and fit in the hands with the glove that offers extra safety. Cutlass Sparring swords feature a quality assured synthetic blades that help to prevent injuries during training and practices.

Rawlings Swords Falchion Sparring SeriesEach Falchion sword features a Messer blade with a blunt end. The tip bends make the thrusting safer and the ergonomically designed handles are made of rubber-like thermoplastic elastomer.

Rawlings Swords Langes Messer Sparring Series: This series includes the Langes Messer Series swords that ate perfect replicas of stage combat swords. These swords have a synthetic Messer blade that has a blunt end which makes them perfect for sparring and training purposes and are also safe for demonstrating the thrusting technique. Not only this, these swords are specifically designed with a synthetic grip that features an interchangeable guard and extended pommel.


Lifetime Warranty Information

Each product presented by Rawlings Swords is completely warranted to be free from any defects. In case if the products are damaged by misuse and used outside of their capability, then no replacement would be made. Rawlings Swords will return the original item, without the replacement and a few of the products cannot be repaired, since it depends on the availability of the parts. In such cases, Rawlings Swords will provide a currently manufactured item that closely matches the item which is sent for repair. However, in rare cases, the replacement or repair can be done only after approval from the repair department. As per the company’s policies, some of the products cannot be repaired due to the unavailability of the item or raw material.


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