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If you have been searching for truly American and contemporary knives, Jake Hoback Knives needs a serious consideration. Contemporary knife users and collectors often demand brands that are more recent, where the designing sensibilities are aligned with emerging preferences. Jake Hoback Knives is the ideal fit, having started as a DIY knife-maker who took years to learn the craft and then, reach production stage. This is not about traditional knife-making methods but blades and combat tools designs that have been perfected with strategic collaborations, fortified with experiences collected over years of self-use and testing. What started as a backyard enterprise has now transformed into a major brand, thanks to the smallest details being captured for ensuring more user comfort. Not just knives, Jake Hoback is also about vigilant gear options and tactical equipment.


Boutique by Choice, Not Mass Produced | Made with Passion

Jake Hoback, the creator, started making knives during the 90s. This hobby gave way to pounding more blades and handy tools. The framing hammer soon gave way to a more structured way of creating knives and fixed blades. The actual, retail stage was found somewhere in 2003. Not just household or outdoor knives, some tools by Hoback are used by law enforcement agencies. The conception of Hoback Knives was more recent as compared to some legendary brands in the industry, many of which have decades of heritage to talk about. At Jake Hoback Knives, things are more modern and the number of collaborations continue to rise, ensuring that the millennial knife-maker continues to bring back more richness of ideas to the inventory. These are true US-made knives, perhaps more usage-oriented rather than being collectibles.


More than Knives! Self-defense & Combat Tools, Accessories

Jake Hoback offers a wide range of outdoor-ready tools. Many qualify as great options for adventure or camping pursuits. You will find many types of escape and evasion tools that are used by professionals handling emergencies as a part of their professional duties. The designing continues to be enriched via special partnerships, some with big companies and others with special knife-makers who might not have significant mainstream exposure. There is some room for customized products too. The biggest compliment to the finesse and quality is the use of Jake Hoback products by active duty personnel, like those involved in search & rescue teams.


What more to expect from Hoback Knives?

Hoback provides an interesting range of fixed blade knives. Now, using the latest technology, the knives are readied for heavy-duty outdoor and indoor application. The bestsellers by Hoback include many pocket folding knives that can be used for everyday-carry and can be stacked as daily-use tools. The Japanese inspirations are clearly visible in the Kwaiback while the Buster is a collaboration-readied product series. There are some accessories for hunters and anglers too while the outdoorsmen will find the sleek knife-maintenance and performance accessories handy too. For the true outdoorsman, some lifestyle accessories like chunky bracelets, complete the ever-expanding inventory. The structural integrity remains impressive. The locking mechanisms have been perfected and most Hoback models, including some in-the-making, are perhaps stronger and more durable than many contemporaries.


Hoback Knives Warranty

Maintenance and repair is not a problem at Jake Hoback Knives—these knives are expected to last a lifetime. However, if a problem does surface due to issues with the quality of workmanship or the materials used, there is room to return the merchandise for different types of repairs. Jake Hoback Knives is keen to ensure that its products engage the best reviews and thus, the use of parts and labor despite being at the discretion of the company, is usually tilted in the buyer’s benefit. Information related to warranty and repairs is also listed on the manufacturer’s website. There is also scope of the product being replaced by the manufacturer. The nature of the reported defect and the evaluation by the manufacturer decides what qualifies to be replaced. Shipments related to return or replacement within the US are likely to be expedited.


One Stop Destination for All Adventure Gear

Knife Country is the premier online destination for buying all types of merchandise related to combat, protection, preservation, defense, survival, security, camping, and adventure lifestyle. At any point, expect the assortment of inventory at Knife Country to be enviable, rich with inventories from globally popular brands and lesser known workshops that have exemplary craftsmanship. The store is immensely popular across North America for its unchallenged product diversity in the niche of knives—classic, contemporary, vintage, hunting, outdoorsy & cutlery. Emerging favorites include Survival Gear that is finding more engagement across law enforcement and active duty units across many geographies.

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