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Founded in 2003 by Jake Hoback, Hoback Knives offers a range of US-made, usage-oriented knives and tools. Jake Hoback started making knives during the 90s, polishing his knife-making skill with time. Started as a backyard enterprise, the company has transformed into a major brand by capturing the smallest details to ensure user comfort is matched. Apart from traditional knife-making methods, the brand focused on perfecting the designs. Hoback inventory includes truly American and contemporary knives, tools, and tactical equipment, fortified with experiences collected over years of self-use and testing.


Hoback provides a fascinating range of fixed blade knives, folding pocket knives, kwaiback knives, and ready-to-use tools for indoor and outdoor applications. The heavy-duty blades and tools are designed for hunters, anglers, and outdoorsmen that can also be used for everyday carry purpose. Hoback also presents a range of high-performance tools for camping, hunting, defense, and survival. For the active outdoorsmen, some handy lifestyle accessories like chunky bracelets, escape and evasion tool with impressive structural integrity are added to the ever-expanding inventory. The number of collaboration at Hoback Knives continue to rise, ensuring that the millennial knife-maker bring back more richness of ideas to the inventory.


From a Backyard Enterprise to a Reputed Knife Manufacturing Brand

Hoback Knives Company, based in Idaho, manufactures high-utility outdoor gear. The foundation of Hoback Knives was laid down in 1990 by Jake Hoback, a blade geek. He started making knives in his backyard using steel, a framing hammer, and fence post nails as a hobby. After gaining more experience at knife making at his dad’s blacksmith shop in Virginia City, he decided to enter this field as a professional. Ever since then, Jake Hoback has been working relentlessly to design knives that are not only durable but also excel on utility grounds.  


HRD (Hoback Roller Detent) System by Jake Hoback

The HRD system was designed by Jake Hoback in early 2009 to ensure a smoother operating system for liner lock or framelock folding knives. It is recognized as normal detent in a knife folder that is pressed in a rolling ball bearing either .062 or .092 wide. It is designed to drag along the blade and to keep it in a closed position. It also lifts the lock off the surface, keeping the lock bar from dragging on the blade, thereby creating surface friction. It is found to reduce the wear, is user-replaceable, and has adjustable tension. Most of the Hoback folding knives feature this HRD system to ensure the longevity of the blade without risking the strength.


Understanding Hoback Knife Series

Since 2003, Hoback Knives is becoming even more popular among bikers, hunters, campers, knife designers, and even among personnel belonging to law enforcement agencies. Their collection includes fixed blade knives, folding knives, and knife maintenance kits.


Hoback Fixed Blade Knives: Hoback fixed blade knife series is an assortment of modular combat-ready tools which can be customized and outfitted as axes. Designed to be used for various cutting, chopping, slicing, and peeling jobs, most of the fixed blades are equipped with a sharp cutting edge and Kydex sheath. The handles of most Hoback fixed blade knives are precession balanced to help you accomplish multiple tasks easily. Hoback 011 Combative Fixed Blade Knife with a full tang, red aluminum one-piece construction has G10 handle that offers a firm grip for tactical and combats purpose.


Hoback Folding Pocket Knives: Folding Pocket knife series by Hoback is a collection of everyday carry tools with unique design and outstanding performance. Featuring framelock and linerlock folding knives, this series is popular among campers, solo travelers, and outdoorsmen for stainless steel blades with a titanium frame. Hoback B004 OSF framelock folding knife is one of the smart knife folder equipped with pivot thrust bearing, stainless steel lock inserts, engineered internal lightening pockets, and standard size screws for easy replacement. It also includes the HRD system for smoother operations.


Hoback Kwaiback Knife Series: Inspired by Japanese Warrior culture, Kwaiback Series is a range of fixed blade knives with “Samurai Sword” blade shape. This well-received folder line is an array of all-time handy knives that are made to fulfill everyday cutting chores with the utmost ease. Hoback 001CFB Kwaiback Carbon Fiber Knife comes complete with black DLC coated tanto blade, carbon fiber front handle, extended tang, pocket clip, and CPM-CruWear steel blade. These carbon fiber knives are engineered with internal lightening pockets, allowing easy holding in the belt sheath without weighing you down. This assembly of kwaiback knife ensures awesome blade action. The handle design features notched thumb rest which provides a secure grip while the flipper is provided for ambidextrous one hand opening.


Hoback Knives Warranty

At Hoback Knives, maintenance and repair are not a problem. These knives with unexpected craftsmanship are expected to last a lifetime. Jake Hoback Knives ensure that the products deliver the best performance and quality material is used in the manufacturing process. For any kind of manufacturing defects or issues with the workmanship, there is a provision to return or replace the product. The nature of the reported defect and the evaluation by the manufacturer decides what qualifies to be replaced. However, misused and mishandled products or the ones tampered or dismantled won’t be replaced. Other information related to warranty and repairs is also listed on the manufacturer’s website.


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