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Enevu Lights

A German entrepreneur Felix Grimm in collaboration with a Swiss product designer Lorenzo Scazziga established the brand Enevu Lights in Hong Kong. The brand is majorly focused on manufacturing products that are easy to use and merge the latest technologies with functional designs. Enevu Lights is one of the most renowned sellers of innovative, small and efficient LED lighting solutions. These lights are perfect for those who love to travel or party in the outdoors.


Enevu Lights presents to their customers a pioneering range of products that are designed with sophisticated engineering capabilities and stringent quality control which is followed throughout the process. All the products in the inventory are in accordance with the industrial standards and their guidelines. They are manufactured in the state-of-the-art facilities that are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and comply with the highest CSR guidelines. Enevu Lights emphasizes reducing the humanly adverse impact on the environment by creating a product line that does not pose any threat to the natural environment. It is one of those few brands that manufacture a huge variety of recyclable LED lights.


Enevu Lights with Highly Optimized Design

Enevu is here to offer you a perfect lighting solution with its advanced and hi-tech range of LED lights for your camping adventure, poolside night-time party or having a backup during a power outage. All the Enevu products feature an optimized simplistic design, delivering high-performance and unmatched versatility. The concept of compact sizing and assembly methods used in manufacturing these LED lights are borrowed from the high-tech electronics industry. Most of the products in Enevu’s exhaustive inventory are sealed very tightly to achieve an IPX4 splash-proof rating. Compact size fully loaded with advanced lighting features in a single product allows the brand to deliver high-quality lighting at very reasonable prices for their customers. From manufacturing to assembling, all Enevu production processes are executed in China.


An Efficient Personal LED Light that Combines Style and Functionality

Enevu Light Cube: The category of lights includes a myriad of ultra-compact LED lights with a colored base. These lights with their compact size and cubical design make them a stylish option for travel gear. The lights in this series emit an ultra-bright white light with 3 intensity settings – high, medium and low. The color changing mode can create different levels of visibility depending on your preference. Some of the products in this niche are accompanied by a detachable diffuser lantern and spotlight. You can place the cube light on a flat surface or hang it on the hook included, which makes it easy to use in any surrounding. The single button control makes it easy to use. All the lights included in this series are operated with AAA batteries which are a high-power source. The lights in this series are designed with an advanced LED technology to deliver 100 lumens of light at the high beam with 3 hours of runtime. These lights also feature an emergency flashlight that can last up to 48 hours, making it an ideal gear for travelers, survivalists, hunters, campers and other outdoorsmen.


Warranty Information

All the Enevu products are carefully manufactured making use of the high-grade materials and components. The company offers a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. The products are warranted against the defects in materials, craftsmanship. The customers are advised to take good care of their Enevu products as the items tend to wear down due to heavy everyday use. This might lead to the need for small repair or cleaning service of the product every now and then.

The brand is not liable to provide a warranty against the products that are damaged from accidents, misuse or abuse, negligence or external causes. Damage caused due to water or loss due to theft won’t be covered in the warranty policy offered by the company. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the product and may not be transferred. After the product for repair or replacement is received at the company’s workshop, it will be inspected to determine whether it is eligible for warranty coverage. If it isn’t covered, then a reasonable price would be charged for repair or replacement.


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