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When it comes to survival gear, everything depends on a quick and timely response. And in such high stake situations, every ounce, every second counts. Schwartz Tactical is a company that strongly believes in efficiency. It was founded in 2013 and aims to provide customers a new take on the design of tactical blades. The lead fabricator Matt Schwartz is an expert in Carbon fiber and Titanium based edge products which are lightweight, yet tough. The company offers a number of customized products apart from tactical knives to provide the customers with the required gear.


Infusing the same passion in all its products, Schwartz Tactical took portability to the extreme with the Schwartz Tactical 12" Battlehawk which weighs only 12 oz. Similar to the battlehawk, all its blades feature a .250 6Al-4V titanium head with titanium tubing handle wrapped in 550 paracord.


Constructed from carbon fiber, the blades are lightweight and sturdy with tough titanium cutting edge. Reinforcing techniques such as coating with tungsten carbide to provide an incredibly sharp and durable cutting edge and paracord wrapped handle, these knives provide extra grip.



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