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Schwartz Knives: A Refreshing Take On Tactical Blades

Schwartz Tactical came into existence in 2013 and there is no turning back since then. Lead fabricator, Matt Schwartz introduced the Schwartz Tactical Knives with a vision to deliver exceptional grade knives, meant to be used by the adventure enthusiasts and real-life knife users. Schwartz Tactical made knife-users experience a refreshing take on tactical blades by incorporating innovative tactical blade technology in the whole product line. The motive was to bring forth the finest blades and Matt Schwartz understood how ounces affect the performance of knives. This made him research deeply about the minute things of a knife and the designs. He emphasized on manufacturinglightest blades with extreme strength and ability to withstand extreme conditions and distortions.


Mastering the Knife-Making Skills

Over the years, Matt Schwartz mastered knife-making skills with his sheer dedication and commitment. He perfected the making of carbon fiber and titanium-based edge products that let you carry the knives without worrying about the weight. The incorporation of state-of-the-art tactical blade technology made a huge difference in the quality and performance of knives. The knives are meant specifically to be used in the tactical situations surviving multiple roughest uses in abrasive conditions.


Select From the Wide Range Of Tactical Knives


Schwartz Tactical Vandal Karambit Knife Series: These knives are specifically designed much lighter and easier to use for a longer duration. Blades of these knives penetrate impeccably well and survive under high compression and distortion. The deployment is easy with these knives; the flawless design, perfect blade length are the defining features of this series.


Schwartz Tactical Spartan Karambit Knife Series: Constructed using the high-grade 188 6AI-4V titanium that resists corrosion; these knives feature impeccable tanto blades with spear point tip. Back of these knives stretches to the pointed tip that cut perfectly through most of the material. The knives with standard edges and a layer of tungsten carbide strengthen the titanium cutting edge. The oversized finger ring pommel accompanied by the paracord wrapped handle increases the performance and offers a secure grip.


Schwartz Tactical Razor Kiridashi Knife Series: The fixed blade Razor Kiridashi Knives are fabricated using high-grade titanium (tungsten reinforced titanium) that helps in longer edge-retention and boost the durability. The blades are designed to survive high-compression without getting split into halves. These are extremely rugged knives with some strong features like cord wrapped handle that offers exceptional grip, rust-proofing attributes; high functionality contributes equally in the performance of these knives.


Schwartz Tactical Silence Push Dagger Knife Series: The knives are designed using the impeccable blades that are suitable to be used in tactical situations and for longer duration tasks. Blades are born tough and have the impeccable penetrating ability. The knife design and blade length make the deployment way easier. The non-slippery surface lets the user hold knives perfectly with a complete secure grip.


Schwartz Tactical Pikal Knife Series: One-piece reinforced tungsten carbide titanium construction of the knives boosts the durability and helps to retain the edge for a longer time. The knives are extremely rugged and survive high-compression without getting split. The knives have stonewash finish, black paracord wrapped handle for easy and quick handling. The rust-proofing attributes and high functionality are few of the defining features of this series.


Schwartz Tactical La Griffe Knife Series: Catering to the varying demands of the knife lovers across the world; the high-performance knives are manufactured using durable blade material to boost the performance. The blades are known for the impeccable piercing ability; while the impeccable design and blade length ensure they are suitable for most of the challenging situations. These knives make the deployment easy


Schwartz Tactical Axes: The tactical axes are suitable to be used for splitting and cutting wood, harvesting timber, and can be used as a weapon in challenging situations. The axes are manufactured using carbon fiber or titanium that adds to the overall strength of the axes. Shorter than the traditional axes, these can be carried easily anywhere, regardless of the weight.


Schwartz Tactical Fixed Blade Knives: The fixed blade knives in this series are an impeccably good tactical knife or fighting knife. These knives are manufactured using lightweight blade materials including carbon fiber and titanium. This helps to boost the durability and increases the ability to perform well even after multiple roughest uses and under high compression. The full tang blade wrapped with para-cord offers secure and convenient grip.


Schwartz Tactical Bloodline Kwaiken Knife Series: The knives in this series are manufactured using qualitative stainless blades with carbon fiber handles. Use of this material helps to boost durability and enhance performance as well. The blades are born tough and can pierce through most of the demanding situations. The carbon fiber onlay scales, use of tungsten carbide for edge retention, and black holstex sheath are few of the demanding situations.


Schwartz Tactical Knives Battlehawk Series: These axes are used meant to be used in demanding tasks, requiring immense strength and ability to pierce through most of the hardest surfaces. The lightweight axes are made of titanium with tungsten carbide reinforcement that boosts the durability and enhances the performances. The use of titanium tubing wrapped with paracord allows you to hold the axe perfectly without losing the grip.


Schwartz Tactical Knives Endurance Series: The knives in this series are designed to be used in most of the tactical situations where extreme strength is required. The titanium construction of the knives helps to perform impeccably well in most of the situations. The slotted configuration reduces the overall weight of the knives. The handles offer a secure grip and comfortable hold while performing long-duration tasks.


Schwartz Tactical Knives Lifeline Series: This series includes the finest range of knives that are manufactured using premium quality, for use in day-to-day scenarios. These knives are offered in Spear Point, Dagger, Tanto and Drop Point blade configurations that are designed specifically to be used in different tactical situations. The carbon fiber construction along with the titanium cutting edge boosts the performance. The blades of these knives can cut through most of the surfaces.


Schwartz Tactical Vanguard Dagger Knife Series: The daggers in this series are manufactured using premium quality one-piece lightweight titanium and carbon fiber that boost the performance in most of the tactical situations. The black cord wrapped handles offer secure and perfect grip in most of the tiring situations. The black holstex sheath provides various configurations that attach flawlessly to your gear.



The wide range of products by Schwartz Tactical is warranted to be free from any kind of manufacturing defects. The daggers and knives are designed with utmost precision. In rare case, if the products are found to be genuinely defected; then repair and replacement will be done by the concerned quality team members. The inspection will be carried out properly, and after approval, the product will be sent for repair or replacement. The complete procedure depends on the availability of the products at the company. Schwartz Tactical offers no guarantee on the normal wear and tear. The products are not intended to be used as pry bars, hammers, chisels, or screwdrivers, which can hamper the quality and degrade the performance.


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