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Turtleman Knives

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Call of the Wildman is one of the most popular American television series catering to adventurers and explorers worldwide. Mr. Ernie Brown also known as Turtleman, hosts the show on Animal Planet. During his expedition in the woods, he uses different types of knives, which are now popularly known as Turtleman knives. So, whether one has a strong desire to personate Mr. Brown or setting out on an adventure trip, its ideal to carry a Turtleman Knife along.


Turtleman Turtle Boy Mini

Turtleman Turtle Boy Mini Thunder is ranked among the top knife preferences by professional explorers and campers. "Turtle Boy" blade etch with Turtleflage® Camo handles make this mini bowie much more desirable. Because of full tang construction, this mini knife is strong and delivers impressive performance.  In addition, this knife comes in Green turtle embossed nylon sheath for enhanced protection.


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