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Dendra Knives, a Russian based manufacturer, was established with an idea to deliver high-performance and qualitative knives to the adventure enthusiasts around the world. Dendra Knives specializes mainly in the sport of archery, while the knives offered by them are completely fabricated using Lion Steel of Italy. The company has invested time to bring forth excellent-quality knives that hold a history of quality and innovation. The complete knife range is manufactured by the experienced artisans and bladesmiths with an eye for designing and crafting with utmost precision. Use of excellent materials, sturdy and durable construction is few of the defining features of the knives. These high-performance knives are designed to cater to the ever-evolving demands of survival experts, mountaineers, adventure enthusiasts, and globetrotters to be used for both tactical and camping/survival situations.


Quality Speaks for Dendra Knives

Dendra Knives are known to deliver optimum quality knives that are built strong and can withstand extreme conditions. The knives are a perfect example of superior designing, optimum strength, durable construction, and can penetrate flawlessly without getting stuck. The use of D2 tool steel blade, with stonewashed or in black PVD finish. For this reason, the Dendra Knives has gained accolades from the professional knife users across the world. The ideal construction, stout frame lock, impressively sharp edges, and provision of reversible pocket clip add to the character of the knives and improve the overall functionality of the knives. Dendra knives are suitable for everyday carry purpose, hunting, tactical situations, and varied survival programs.


Exploring the Ever-Evolving Inventory of Dendra Knives


Dendra Fixed Blade Knives: These knives feature exceptional-quality blades that are manufactured using qualitative blades that can survive under high compression and distortion. The blades are born tough and are designed for tactical situations. The G-10 handles have immense strength that gives firm support to the knives and are perfect for carrying long-duration tasks.

  • Dendra Knives Russian Bear Series: This series is specifically designed to be used by the travelers, outdoorsmen, trekkers, and hikers for the tactical tasks. The blades are born tough and can survive under high compression. The skinner steel blades have the ability to perform exceptionally well without getting split into halves. The ergonomically designed G-10 handles are easy to hold and perfectly fits in the palm of the user. This series is perfect for tasks including digging, splitting, cutting and hunting.


Dendra Folding Pocket Knives: These knives are manufactured using premium-quality blade material with the ability to pierce through hard surfaces. The knives in this series include the frame lock knives, liner lock knives, deer hunter knives, defender knives and many more. These knives are made to perform exceptionally well under the toughest situations without getting split into halves. The blades are tough and perfectly designed to be used by the real-life knife users.

  • Dendra Framelock Pocket Knives: These knives are made using premium stonewash-finished D2 tool steel blade that has the required strength to withstand high compression and strength. The blades pierce through most hard surfaces. The G-10 handles with 3D design are made to be used under tactical situations. These knives are safe and easy to carry for everyday purpose.


  • Dendra Linerlock Pocket Knives: Liner lock knives are specifically designed to perform exceptionally well under tactical situations by the adventure enthusiasts and real-life knife users. The satin finish steel blades have the required strength withstand high compression and distortion. The G-10 handle is designed to give firm support and excellent grip.


  • Dendra Knives Deer Hunter Series: These knives are perfectly suitable for the tactical situations that include the hunting and everyday tasks that require immense strength. The stonewash finished D2 tool steel blades have impeccable strength to withstand high compression and distortion. These knives have extended tang and thumb ridge that offers utmost convenience to the users. The ergonomically designed offer a secure grip throughout the task.


  • Dendra Knives Defender Series: The knives in this series have exceptional razor-sharp edges to survive under high compression without getting split into halves. These knives can pierce through most hard surfaces without getting stuck in between. The use of stonewash-finished D2 steel blade induces commendable strength to the knife and adds to the overall functionality. The G-10 handles, extended tang and thumb ridge are defining features of this series.


  • Dendra Knives Tiger Jump Series: These knives are manufactured using premium D2 steel blade with the ability to perform tactical tasks without getting split in between. These frame lock folding pocket knives have 3D designed handles that imparts a classic look and adds to the overall strength of the knives. The handles offer a firm grip and perfectly fit in the palm of the user. 


  • Dendra Knives Typhoon Series: Typhoon knives are manufactured using qualitative D2 tool steel blades and have the required strength to survive under tough situations. These liner lock folding knives have G-10 handles that offer a firm grip and secure fit for tactical situations. The stainless pocket clip, lanyard holes for attaching rope, sharp edge and side spring bar are the defining features of this series.


Warranty Information

Dendra Knives are guaranteed to be free from any kind of manufacturing or designing defects. The knives are designed with utmost precision and are guaranteed to be well-designed. In case if any of the products are found to be genuinely defected, then complete inspection will be carried out by the concerned authority. The product will be sent to the quality department and after their approval, it will be sent for repair or replacement. The repairing and replacement depend on the availability of the products at the company. The products are not intended to be used as pry bars, hammers, chisels, or screwdrivers; this can hamper the product quality and performance.


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