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We are family owned & operated. Proudly employing military veterans.

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Silver Dollar Co. is a small firm in Seattle, Washington, providing a tough competition to other national companies engaged in designing coins. The Silver Dollar Co. is dedicated to authentic US Silver dollars, ancient Roman coins and foreign silver crowns.  For those who have a great desire to collect coins without scarifying on quality, Silver Dollar Co. is the name to bank upon. 


Max Breitenbach is the man behind the unfurled success of Silver Dollar Co. all over the world! He was merely 8, when he started collecting coins like his grandfather. He shared a very proud collection (Grandfather’s) of coins ranging from Morgan to Peace dollars, Indian Head pennies to liberty quarters (beat-Up).  We make every possible effort that your access and shopping of these Silver Coins is hassle free. In order to meet your expectations, we ensure that no coin is polished, cleaned or any which way, tempered.


Knife Country USA has a vision of bringing precision tools, outdoor gear, knives, and self-defense and survival utilities under a single roof. At this online megastore, you get the opportunity to browse through a vast selection that has been handpicked and procured by experts.

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