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PUMA Knives was established in 1769 in Solingen, Germany by Johann Lauterjung. The company is widely renowned for its exceptional range of hunting, sporting, and outdoor knives. For more than 2 centuries, PUMA has been successful in impressing its audience with extraordinary quality and workmanship. During the wartime, production was put under the authority of the war industry. It was after the Second World War when Oswald von Frankenberg und Ludwigsdor entered the company and decided to stop the production of household knives and commence the manufacturing of quality hunting, fishing, and outdoor knives.


In 1946, the production of pocket and household knives was revived. Oswald was kept in charge of the production of hunting and outdoor knives. In collaboration and cooperation with the forestry commissioner Walter Frevert, Oswald was able to manufacture a wide range of PUMA classics including Waidbesteck, Jagdnicker, Waidmesser, universal hunting knife, and hog spear. The company was also involved in the development of a model white hunter knife for East African Hunting Organization. The company has always maintained a perfect balance between the traditional craftsmanship and high-tech machinery to produce pioneering products.


Simplistic Designs with Maximum Functionality

The range of PUMA products has been constantly changing from decade to decade. The brand focusses on making the products according to the ongoing trends and customers’ needs. You can explore an exhaustive inventory of knives, including fixed hunting knives, sheath knives, trekking knives, collector’s gear, accessories, outdoor gear, fishing tools, and more. PUMA Knives has hired a team of well-known artists and excellent workers who guarantee brilliant products with handmade engravings and carvings.


All the PUMA Knives are delivered in luxury wooden boxes. The co-operation between experienced and world-famous designers like Mr. H. P. Knoop, Mr. P. Herbst or Mr. H. P. Jermer, and the experienced PUMA employees are the foundation for the renowned fame of the company.


Puma Knives Inventory Explained by its Product Series

Fixed Blade Knives:This series comprises of non-folding tactical knives that can be used in wide array of applications including hunting, survival, combat, and diving. Most of these knives have handles that are made with stag horns. Nickel silver bolsters ensure safety when in use. The leather sheath is available with all the knives in this series for keeping the knife safely in place preventing accidental injuries.


Folding Pocket Knives:This series comprises a larger variety of EDC knives that are made with high-quality stainless steel, offering strength and durability. The anti-slip grip handles add to its functionality. The stag bone used to make the handles make these knives ideal to use in tough applications.


Linerlock Pocket Knives:This series of outdoor knives consists of an array of ambidextrous knives that are operated with a durable frame lock mechanism. The streamlined handle and blade design make these knives more functional to use.


Lockback Pocket Knives:Knives in this category are recognized by their spring lock folding mechanism that offers easy opening and closing of the blade. These knives cater to the needs of outdoorsmen, hunters, campers, trekkers, travelers, and adventure enthusiasts.


Axes:PUMA manufactures a wide range of axes such as hatchets, splitting mauls and felling axes. Most products in this series are equipped with grooved, one-piece injection molded handles that provide a firm grip. All the products in this series come with a cord lanyard that makes it easy to carry. They are used for a variety of purposes such as kindling and chopping small branches to split wood. Stainless steel construction with unique finish makes them resistant to wear and tear.


Machetes:This series of machetes includes a variety of versatile cutting equipment that is specially designed with a structure like that of a mini sword. The ergonomic handles with integrated handguards make these machetes a stand-out product in the inventory. Most products come with a lanyard for stronger grip during effort-intensive tasks. The product in this series is proudly manufactured in China to deliver excellence and high-performance.


4 Star Knives:This series comprises of an array of classic knives that are ideal for everyday carry. All the knives in this series are made from finest steel, making them withstand the toughest conditions. Most of the knives in this series feature drop point blade with a sharp edge that ideal for cutting and piercing.


Ebro Knives:This series of knives includes a wide variety of gears designed by the skilled knife makers. All the knives in this series feature blades with stain finish, making them resistant to corrosion and rust. The lightweight construction makes them easy to carry when you are out on your traveling, hunting or adventure expedition.


Elk Hunter Knives: This category of knives covers a wide range of knives that are made with finest materials. These knives are commonly used as survival knives that are easy to use with a sturdy grip. Features like inlay shield, lanyard hole, finger guard and embossed belt sheath make these knives functional.


Montero Knives:These knives are known for their excellent performance and impeccable craftsmanship.The knives have stainless steel blade with a thumb ridge that allow sturdy grip and quick access in most challenging situations. Inlay shield and finger guard keeps the user protected when using the knife.


Paloma Knives:This series of knives caters to knife collectors, hunters, and outdoorsmen. The best part about Paloma knives is that, they feature handles made from materials like Lovie wood and genuine stag, providing a firm grip to the user.


White Hunter knives: The knives in this series are suited for a wide range of adventurous activities. These knives feature stainless steel blades, offering durability and strength. Finger guard protects the user against injuries and lanyard hole allows you to carry them anywhere with ease.


Warranty Information

All PUMA knives are made from high-grade materials that assure excellent performance. The company’s manufacturing unit runs constant quality control tests to guarantee optimum quality. All the products have a control number allotted to them by the brand which is either stamped or engraved. In case of any defects in the material or workmanship of these knives, the company assures a repair or replacement free of charge within 5 years from the purchase date. The warranty is not extended to the complaints arising from incorrect usage, storage or wear. The company also offers re-sharpening and restoring service for your product if you experience a decrease in its sharpness, performance or appearance. 


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