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Tekut Knives was founded under the Company Power Source. Power Source specializes in manufacturing and trading high-quality flashlight and folding knives. Power Source was founded in 1996 and thus holds experience of several years in making knives. Tekut Knives have been serving commercial kitchens and institutions that require professional knives, as it manufactures them. The brand also manufactures professional sets of knives for outdoor, military, hunting, combat, as well as for casual daily usage.


Distinctive Knife Anatomies That Cater Different Purposes


The knives manufactured by Tekut are designed from different materials and are given different anatomy which helps in a wide range of applications. The knives under this brand come with important construction such as Belly, Bevel Guard, Choil, Tang, Butt Cap, Drop point, Tanto, Hook blade and many more. From framework pocket knives that are most secure from accidental closures, especially at the stiffer joints to multi-tools that can be used as pliers, corkscrews, bottle opener, etc. Tekut knives produce all kind of knives that could be useful for a wide range of people.


Different Steels For Different Kind of Knives



Tekut Knives uses different steels for different knives. The choice of steel depends on the individual application for which the knives are made. For instance, stainless steel is used for the handles of Multi-Tools which help in better grip and appropriate working. Similarly, steels like 1095 steel are used for those knives which require a sharp edge or 420J2 steel used for those knives which are made to serve casual routine purposes. The blades of the Tekut Knives are made with materials that are resistant against chipping or breaking and the edges are sharp enough to give the required results.


Handles Variably Designed and Constructed According to Applications


Handles made of glass filled nylon, Kydex, Micarta, Pakkawood, Stag, G-10, Bone are used in the handles of the knives manufactured by Tekut Knives. Knives like Tough Folding Knives have G-10 handles which help in robust cutting activities along with a comfortable grip. The handles of Tekut Knives are made in a way that makes them easy to grip and fits well in the hands. These handles have an appropriate weight that evens out the blade to some extent to save energy when applying a cut. These handles are often complemented with lanyard holes which help these knives to tie up and keep for secure placement.


A Growing Inventory: Exploring Tekut by Product Series 



Tekut Axes: These Tekut Axes are a perfect companion for outdoor adventures. One can find no better option than Tekut axes which are multifunctional and can be used for hiking, camping, hunting, and many more outdoor activities. Features like hollow blades along with wrench socket and a glass breaker make it a multi-purpose tool which can be used inside as well as outside. These are easy and secure to keep as they come with a belt sheath that protects the blades.


Tekut Folding Pocket Knives: Tekut Folding Pocket Knives come under the variations of framework, liner lock, and lock back knives. In the contemporary era, pocket knives have become an inevitable possession by everybody. These can be useful for many activities from opening an envelope, to cutting twine, slicing a piece of fruit or even as a means of self-defense. These series of Tekut Folding Knives come with robust construction and with added features like pocket clips or key rings which can be tagged by the users in their pocket and can be comfortably taken along anywhere. The stainless blade helps in perfect and effortless cuts. These knives have lanyard holes which keep them secure against falls and give an extended grip.


Tekut Fixed Blade Knives: Made with stainless steel and topped with a stonewash finish, these fixed blade knives are well constructed and tough for all sort of cutting activities. These blade knives are available in various shapes and sizes to suit the work that it is taken for. Tekut knives have added features like the tanto, drop point, dagger and much more which makes them as tactical knives that can be used for piercing, stabbing or peeling of the skin of the animals in outdoor explorations. The knives under this niche are potential survival tools as they can help the users combat unexpected situations.


Tekut Flashlights : Flashlight is a portable source of light that is usually an incandescent light bulb or light emitting diode which can be used as survival tools in times of need. However, this series of Tekut Flashlights feature multi-tools with a stainless handle which makes the product heavy duty and cost-effective. The mini flashlights along with assorted tools like a wrench, flat head screwdriver, corkscrew, corkscrew assistor, bottle opener, knife blade and pliers which have a wide variety of applications. With such beneficial attributes, these Tekut flashlights can be used as everyday carry pocket knives.


Tekut Multi-Tools:Tekut Multi-Tools are multifaceted hand tools that combine several individual functions in a single unit. The idea of integrating assorted tools in one small portable unit is very old, and Tekut Knives understand the usage of the same in the contemporary scenario. Thus, the series called Tekut Multi-Tool was crafted to assimilate features like a knife blade, pliers, wrench, flat head screwdriver, corkscrew, corkscrew assistor and a bottle opener that may help in a huge number of applications. Aided with stainless handles along with black plastic trim, these multi-tools are durable and good to go for all kinds of usage.


Tekut Knives warrants that the entire product under the brand name Tekut is free of manufacturer defects in terms of material and craftsmanship. Tekut shall repair or replace defective products if claimed by any customer. This claim only limits to Tekut manufacture defects. The warranty excludes from dysfunction of products due to overuse or misuse and rust or lack of maintenance. To make a warranty claim, please contact Tekut at sarah@nextorch.com.


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