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Tru Hone Sharpeners

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Knife Country USA has been at the forefront of providing solutions for people who want to buy knives. Our inventory consists of knives and knife accessories, like knife sharpeners. Here too, Knife Country USA has included Tru Hone in the best accessory catagory.


The Tru Hone Story

In 1972, Fred Gangelhoff started his own Tru Hone Corporation with a mission to improve the status of knife sharpening across the globe. Since then,  Tru Hone Corporation has been the ultimate destination to look for hi-tech sharpeners irrespective of the size operation. Made in Florida, Tru Hone Knife Sharpeners are fabricated using stainless steel, which ensure higher corrosion resistance as well as smooth functional life. 


Given below, there are some A-listed offerings from the house of Tru Hone Corporation. They not only make your sharpening an enjoyable process, but also save you from a dull edge in any such case.  Easy to operate, they can be a valuable addition to your collection of knives. 


Tru Hone Knife Sharpener

It is a One-Minute Knife Sharpening device, which features an exclusive variable speed control option. This stainless steel sharpener not only eliminates blurr edges but also prolongs the knife life by 50%.


Tru Hone Hg3 Hollow Grinder

Tru Hone Hg3 Hollow Grinder is designed to grind both sides of a knife using its Semi-automatic wheel dressing. This stainless steel grinder has an adjustable safety guard and operates using a Full Flow Coolant System.

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