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Present in the market for over 40 years, Consorzio Coltellinai Maniago is synonymous of handcrafted quality and innovation. The brand offers an array of knife and accessories including sports knives, corkscrew, agricultural tools, professional and kitchen cutlery. CZM is a group of 46 Cutlery companies all located in Maniago Knife District. The company is the official and exclusive manufacturer and sales representative of Europe, Russia, and Japan.


The cutlery items production started with artisanal and home-made products for centuries, until the craftsmen started organizing themselves, creating factories, and starting to adopt industrial production systems. Expect the knife company to offer outdoor, tactical, rescue, gentleman, hunting, and fishing knives. The company also offers and array of kitchen cutlery and gardening tools. Maniago area is recognized as the most attractive blade production region in Italy. Here there are more than 150 production companies co-operating from the raw material purchasing operations to product innovation activities. The larger manufacturers include – LionSteel, Viper, FOX Knives, and Mercury. Founded in 1960, the consortium brings together the makers of knives, scissors, and similar products. This network is something unique in the world of cutlery as the companies come together working and sharing promotional, production and marketing activities. The goal is to present themselves as a structured and consolidated reality without compromising on the craft skills. This collaboration increases the efficiency of individual plants and strengthens the sales network.


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