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The foundation stone of Feral Knives was laid down in 2016. The passion and commitment to make quality field-tested tools were the main driving force behind the setting up the brand. The artisans, craftsmen and woodsmen at Feral strive hard to create premium products that enhance your experience and performance in the wilderness.


Most knives modelled at Feral Knives are hand forged. The workmen use traditional blacksmithing methods to create their range of knives to ensure that every knife made by their exhibit excellent field performance. Moreover, the professionals at Feral Knives pay special attention to details such as contours, balance, grain of steel and hone. The knives handcrafted at Feral Knives are believed to outperform conventional knives in terms of reliability and strength.


Ethics for Creating Handmade High-Performance Knives

Feral Knives was created by Stephan Fowler, a passionate Georgian knife craftsman who held a Journeyman Smith ranking in the American Blade-Smith Society. The brand is passionate about making handmade items and the owners have always had the love to teach their craft. Most of the knife models of Feral Knives are hand forged with the use of highest quality steels. The brand takes the cutting competitions as the testing ground for its knives and has also created some knives for such events. People at Feral believe that competitions help the makers to build better knives that can offer reliable performance on the field.    


The Blades that can Stand the Test of the Time

Feral Knives believes in making blades that can be passed on throughout the next generation of owner. Most of the knives from Feral Knives are manufactured using 1084 and 1095 steel which is widely used automotive industry for springs. The 1084 steel is an excellent knife making steel while 1095 steel is carbon steel standard. The blades of the Feral Knives are hand forged by using heat treated steel. In heat treating, the steel is heated up to or slightly below critical temperature and then nominal clay is provided to the blade to ensure immense hardening. These conventional blacksmithing methods helps in manufacturing hard working, straight forward, classy knives and that too at an affordable price. Most of the knives feature ergonomics or Micarta handles that offer a firm grip when in use.


Warranted for...Well, Everything

Feral Knives create cutting tools that are designed to last longer than the owners. The artisans at Feral Knives craft their products so that they can be passed from one generation to next. Every product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. The brand will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Feral Knives product that is defective. Some of the products will be return in the original form without a replacement. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, Feral Knives will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair.


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