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The Armory Glock Stocks

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The Armory is an America-based company that manufactures and designs collectible accessories, ammunition, and military firearms. The Armory is a federally licensed firearms dealer which uses the best materials and state-of-the-art technology to manufacture these small arm tools. These products are designed to withstand tough weather conditions and everyday abuse. The Armory products are designed to be sturdy and simultaneously offer great functionality and ease of operation. The Armory is also an NFA Class III dealer of stock suppressors, law enforcement firearms and accessories. The robust and long performing small arms, pistols, handguns, and shotguns are ideal for personal protection and self-defense other than military and security uses. The Armory aims at producing cost-effective tools with a wide range of sizes, calibers, and designs/patterns. The computerized manufacturing process combines high-grade materials to assure maximum quality to fulfill the needs of small shooting odds-and-ends to regular high-use items.


Smartly Designed Made-In China Products

Most of ‘The Armory’ products are manufactured and designed in China. The brand offers a wide range of Glocks with high strength polymer frame that is compatible with most pistols and handguns except sub-compact. These Glock frames are designed to have quick release installation system and sling attachment point. The smartly crafted Glocks provide stability to the operator to achieve a better shooting performance. Along with Glocks, The Armory provides long performance life metal matches and lighters that are attached with a screwed wick. To prevent these metal matches from losing, the cases have key chain threads that can easily be to backpacks or camping kits.   


Provide Best Tools for Self Defense and Security

As perfect tools for self-defense and personal security, The Armory products are built to offer a perfect combination of reliability and accuracy. The handguns and Glock pistols have an easy operation that can be used in a tactical situation for self-protection. The user need not worry about the application as these Glock pistols have a safe-action system. The pistols and handguns are made using high grade and their sleek designs allow them to use in a risky situation with speed every time out.


Products Are Warranted Against Manufacturing Defects

All the products are warranted to be free of defects in designing, materials, and workmanship for a lifetime. In any case of defects, The Armory assures to repair or replace the defective product with a new item. Only a few products in the inventory cannot be replaced due to the limited availability of original parts. In such cases, the company assures its customers to repair and furnish the product. The Armory products are not meant to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars or screwdrivers. If any product has been damaged because of its misuse detected by the repair department, then the customer will be charged a reasonable fee for its repair.


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