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Mountain Man Pocket Knives

A Mountain Man Knife is among the lesser-known members of the pocketknife arena. The reason lies in the somewhat exclusive use of this knife. Mountain men were essentially herders and hunters who spent days on their horses, riding in the hope of a worthy catch. During this period, they depended on their survival gear and utilities like a pocket knife that could undertake a variety of tasks from light-duty skinning to scraping the ice. This is why there is little clarity about the exact nature of a Mountain Man Knife. The most common interpretation includes the Green River Butcher Knife. Such interpretations point towards a strong, not-typically-compact, pocketknife with a handcrafted file. It often came with a unique, specially designed sheath.


Know More About Mountain Man Knives:

  • Sheath for Mountain Man Knives is much different from the type used for regular knives.

  • People in the past used to decorate the sheath of these knives with brass tacks.

  • The sheath here is long and appears like an envelope that has been intentionally styled to cover most part of the knife apart from the sharp tip.

  • These knives can be easily carried with a belt.

  • The belt was often worn over the outer garments.

  • These knives were seldom hidden, worn as a matter of pride.


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