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A Back Pocket Knife is a somewhat larger variation of a Single Blade Trapper. Its pattern of blade is most commonly referred to as California Clip Style Blade. Back Pocket Knives are available with a variety of handles, out of which Dark Red Jigged Bone, Molasses Jigged Bone, and Ebony Wood are the most popular. Even though back pocket knives are slightly bigger than some front pocket knives, the slender silhouette helps to carry it in the back pocket.


The Premium Type

Lock-Back Pocket Knives are one of the most preferred members of this series. These knives are fabricated using stainless steel and aluminum, ensuring higher corrosion resistance and longer functional life.


Also Known as a Fishing Knife

If we are discussing Back Pocket Knives, features like light-in-weight construction and high precision should be given the maximum importance. This is what makes these knives so useful for fishing. The Lanyard Clip is responsible for accenting its overall usage as a Fishing Knife.


Get the Assurance of Transparency

Knife COuntry USA is an established e-store, specializing in the market of selling outdoors zccessories and knives. To ensure or customers get the best deals, we procure our increasing range of Back Pocket Knives from leading brands like Bear & Son, Case, and Eagle Emblems.

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