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Bestech Buwaya Knives by Bestech Knives

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These Buwaya knives, created by Bestech Knives, have a remarkable appearance. "Buwaya" is the Tagalog word for crocodile. The exquisitely carved titanium handles in these knives resemble crocodile scales in appearance. All the Buwaya knives feature high-quality Bohler M390 stainless steel blades. All the blades are stonewash finish and have extreme resistance to any corrosion. They are strong and can retain their sharp edges for the longest time. Giving them lightweight construction and ergonomic feel is the sculpted titanium handles. The blade's scalloped spine enhances these knives' grips and crocodile appearance. The distinctive design of Buwaya knives highlights their high caliber. For better performance and extra strength, the Buwaya knives have extended tang.


The knives can only be kept secure with deep carry pocket clips. They can be concealed as much as feasible in one's pocket by using deep carry clips, which allow for deeper pocket placement. They can be opened with one hand because they are flipper knives, although one needs to be careful. The black zippered case is highly instrumental in protecting the knives when they are not used. The nylon cases are water resistant and protect the knives from external factors.

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