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The Todd Knife & Tool brothers Teryl and Seth Todd invented the Bestech Syntax, a stylish pocket knife. The industrial look and feel, as well as the clean lines, define their distinct design approach. The three holes in the handles are also visible. The stylish reverse tanto-style blades form adds to the Syntax knives’  appeal. The Syntax knives are opened with the flipper, then the blades are locked with a liner lock. The ceramic ball bearings make this simple. The 14C28N steel is used to make the blades of these knives. It is a premium steel that is simple to sharpen to a razor-sharp edge. The handles are made of G10 and micarta to varying degrees and provide adequate grip. Made of linen and synthetic resin, this is a robust composite material. Micarta feels excellent in the hand and will collect grease from your hands over time, changing the color of the handle. As a result, each handle will be distinct throughout time. With the deep carry pocket clip, you carry the Bestech Syntax with pride.

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