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Spyderco Grasshopper Knife Series by Spyderco Knives

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Spyderco Knives have been a popular choice for knife fans all over the world for almost 40 years, and it's easy to see why. Spyderco knives are instantly recognizable for their innovative, ground-breaking designs that set them apart from other cutlery brands. A limited number of slip joint knives featuring black oxide-coated Sandvik 12C27 steel blades that keep an edge longer, resist abrasion, and provide precise cutting performance are included. These foldable knives are perfect for battle, emergencies, or self-defense due to their non-reflective blades. These slip joint knives have stainless handles and can be easily manipulated. These knives feature black oxide stainless handles that give the user a sturdy and from grave rendering easy use and sharp cutting. Attached to these handles is a lanyard hole helping the user to hang the knife when it is spot and prevented any accidental fall. Grasshopper Knives also have a thumb pull feature that makes it easy for the user to open it.

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