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Chicago Cutlery Armitage Knife Series by Chicago Cutlery

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Chicago Cutlery Armitage Knife Series - Precision Engineered for Culinary Excellence


Knife Country USA proudly presents the Chicago Cutlery Armitage Knife Series, an exemplary collection designed for the discerning chef who values precision, quality, and a touch of elegance in their culinary tools. Each knife in this series has been crafted to enhance the cooking experience, combining high-carbon stainless steel blades with ergonomically designed handles for supreme comfort and control.


  • Chicago 01654 - Armitage 16Pc Kitchen Set: This expansive set includes a full array of knives to tackle any kitchen task, from the robust 8" chef's knife to the delicate paring knife. The full tang construction and brushed stainless handles speak to the durability and sophistication that Chicago Cutlery stands for.


  • Chicago 02317 - Armitage Kitchen Set: With black synthetic handles that fit comfortably in your hand, this set includes a selection of knives that are essential for daily kitchen duties, highlighted by the versatile santoku and the indispensable bread knife with a serrated edge.


  • Armitage Triple Set: For those who prefer a more minimalist approach without sacrificing quality, this triple set offers a chef's knife, utility knife, and paring knife, each featuring a black polymer handle and full tang for balanced cutting.


  • Armitage Two Piece Set: This duo is an excellent addition to any kitchen, offering a Partoku and a paring knife, both with black polymer handles and satin finish blades that exemplify the precision engineering of Chicago Cutlery.


  • Armitage Steak Knives: The perfect complement to any dinner table, these steak knives with partially serrated blades ensure a smooth and effortless cutting experience, enhancing the enjoyment of every meal.


Each piece in the Armitage series reflects Chicago Cutlery's commitment to providing high-quality, durable kitchen tools. Knife Country USA's selection is curated to offer you the best in cutlery, ensuring that each slice, dice, or chop you make contributes to the creation of culinary masterpieces. With the Chicago Cutlery Armitage Knife Series, you're not just equipped with knives; you're armed with precision instruments that celebrate the art of cooking.

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