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Bestech Supersonic Knives - Impeccable Design and Superior Performance in Every Blade


Welcome to Knife Country USA’s detailed look into the Bestech Supersonic Knife collection - a harmonious blend of impressive design, robust build, and superior performance. Bestech has been a renowned name in the knife industry, and the Supersonic series stands as a testament to their dedication to excellence and quality.


Each knife in the Supersonic collection is a work of art, designed for exceptional functionality without compromising style and durability. These knives perfectly suit anyone seeking a reliable tool for daily use, outdoor excursions, or simply an aesthetically appealing addition to their knife collection.


The Bestech Supersonic Framelock series boasts a solid 4.88 inches when closed, housing a substantial 3.5-inch S35VN stainless blade. S35VN is a high-end steel that's known for its balance of sharpness, durability, and corrosion resistance, making these blades perfectly suited for all sorts of tasks.


Take, for instance, the Bestech Supersonic Framelock Knife Black (BTKT1908A). Its black tumbled finish titanium handle and black stonewash and satin finish blade showcase the elegant, understated style that Bestech is renowned for.


The Bestech Supersonic Framelock Knife Blue (BTKT1908B) introduces a pop of color with its blue-gray tumbled finish titanium handle. This addition of color creates a stunning contrast with the stonewash and satin finish blade.


And who can forget the golden allure of the Bestech Supersonic Framelock Knife Gold (BTKT1908C)? It features a luxurious gold titanium handle, showcasing a level of sophistication rarely seen in everyday carry tools.


Every Bestech Supersonic knife features a thumb disk for easy opening, a lanyard hole for various carrying options, and a pocket clip for secure storage. Each knife also comes in a black nylon zippered storage case, keeping your tool safe when not in use.


The Bestech Supersonic series offers versatility, quality, and durability, making these knives a worthy investment. Here at Knife Country USA, we provide you with the best tools for your needs. So, why wait? Discover the power of Bestech Supersonic knives today.

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