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Bestech Ivy Knife Series is a new offering from the master designer Ostap Hel. It is famed for its inventive design and incredibly smooth action. The Ivy knife series used the unusual Hawkbill style blade. At 3" long with a very smooth curve, this hawkbill blade is far more precise and superior in performance than most other types of blades. The Bestech Ivy foldable knife features FrameLock locking mechanism and ball bearing on the pivot that allows easy flipping. In the open position, the knife resembles a creeping ivy vine. The sculpted titanium handle renders it a unique look and feels comfortable to hold. The handle comes in various shades pink, bronze, black, and green. Each knife features a lanyard hole for convenient carrying. The Bestech Ivy Knife Series is modern and convenient to use in every way. It is a preferred choice of knife for EDC.

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