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Bestech Ivy Knives: Elegance Meets High-Performance Engineering


Welcome to the world of Bestech Ivy Knives, where the pinnacle of elegant design meets high-performance engineering. At Knife Country USA, we're delighted to present this diverse array of knives from Bestech, each showcasing innovative design, remarkable craftsmanship, and excellent functionality.


The Ivy series is characterized by its framelock design—a testament to the safety, reliability, and convenience these knives deliver. With a compact closed length of 4 inches and a blade length of 3 inches, each Ivy knife is a perfect addition to your everyday carry.


Crafted from durable S35VN stainless steel, the blades offer superior edge retention and corrosion resistance. They come in both stonewash and satin finishes, making them visually striking and enhancing their resistance to wear and tear.


The Bestech Ivy Knives offer a unique selection of titanium handles in stonewash finishes. Select from black, bronze, pink, green, or the unique green BSW. Alternatively, you can choose the full black model with a black titanium handle for a sleek, modern look.


Each knife features an extended tang and comes with a pocket clip for easy and safe transportation. Their designs, inspired by the creative genius of Ostap Hel, stand as a testament to a perfect blend of form and function.


Made in China, Bestech Ivy Knives go beyond being mere tools; they are a statement of style and efficiency. Whether you are a knife enthusiast, an adventurer, or someone who appreciates the beauty of a well-made tool, these knives are designed to deliver unmatched performance and sophisticated design.

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