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EOS Carabiner Series by EOS Wallets Cases and Knives

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EOS Carabiner Series - Secure Your Gear with Style and Strength


Knife Country USA proudly showcases the EOS Carabiner Series, a blend of sleek design and superior functionality for the outdoor enthusiast and everyday user alike. Crafted from titanium, these carabiners offer unmatched durability and lightweight handling, ensuring that whatever you clip stays secure and stylish.


  • Carabiner Titanium Purple (EOS029): With its vibrant purple body and contrasting green anodized gate, this carabiner isn't just a utility item—it's a fashion statement.


  • Carabiner Titanium Sasha (EOS028): The Sasha finish with blue anodized gate provides an eye-catching look that’s bound to turn heads, whether attached to a backpack or a set of keys.


  • Carabiner Titanium Green (EOS030): For those who prefer a more subdued aesthetic, the green titanium body with a tumbled finish gate ensures elegance and resilience in equal measure.


  • Carabiner Titanium SW (EOS047): The stonewash finish on this carabiner provides a classic, rugged look that hides scratches and wear, perfect for the demands of daily use.


Each EOS Carabiner is meticulously designed with a lanyard hole for additional carrying options and is bulk packed for convenience. The titanium construction not only offers a strong hold but also ensures that these carabiners are corrosion-resistant and can withstand the elements.


Whether you're an avid climber, a camping enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the reliability of a good carabiner, the EOS Carabiner Series from Knife Country USA meets all needs. These carabiners are engineered to be a lightweight addition to your gear, so you won't have to compromise on quality or functionality.


With the EOS Carabiner Series, secure your gear in confidence and carry a piece of expert craftsmanship wherever you go. Choose from a variety of finishes and colors to match your style and make a statement with every clip.


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