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EOS Shorty Axes: Compact Powerhouses for the Outdoors


Introducing the EOS Shorty Axes series at Knife Country USA, where robust functionality meets compact design. Forged for the rugged outdoors, these axes are a vital tool for campers, hikers, and survival enthusiasts. EOS has engineered these axes to offer unparalleled strength and durability in a size that's perfect for any adventure.


  • EOS SHORTY - Shorty Axe D2 with Black G10 Handle: This 11" overall axe features a 6.63" head with a 3.75" cutting edge, CNC milled from a single piece of D2 steel. The black G10 handle ensures a secure grip, and the included carbon fiber sheath provides safe and stylish transport.


  • EOS SHORTYS - Shorty Mini Axe D2 with Black G10 Handle: Slightly smaller at 7.75" overall, the Shorty Mini Axe boasts a 4.75" axe head with a 2.63" cutting edge. Like its larger counterpart, it's CNC milled from D2 steel and comes with a carbon fiber sheath for protection.


Every EOS Shorty Axe is a work of art and efficiency. With a cutting edge designed for maximum impact and a handle crafted for comfort, these axes are as dependable as they are easy to wield. The G10 handle isn't just about aesthetics; it's about providing a non-slip surface for when the going gets tough. And with the lanyard hole, your axe is always within reach when you need it.


At Knife Country USA, we understand the call of the wild and the need for reliable tools. That's why we offer the EOS Shorty Axes series - so you can face the great outdoors with confidence. Whether you're chopping wood for a campfire or clearing a path through the brush, these axes are designed to perform.


Visit our product group landing page to explore the full capabilities of the EOS Shorty Axes. Proudly made in the USA, these axes aren't just tools; they're companions forged for your journey. With Knife Country USA, you're not just prepared for the outdoors; you're equipped to conquer it.


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