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Bestech Predator Knife Series includes sharp knives with a cool aesthetic value. It has been on the block for quite some time and has created a niche for itself among knife enthusiasts. Its superior performance comes from a CPM-S35VN stainless steel blade with a two-tone finish. It offers excellent hardness and edge retention. The flipping action of this foldable knife depends on ceramic ball bearings that Bestech has mastered in production. The Predator knives feature a frame lock locking mechanism that securely locks the knife and makes it safe to carry in the pocket. This knife series is praised for its ergonomic handle design. The handles are built from titanium material with carbon fiber inlay. The inlays are replaceable and sold separately. They are available in different color finishes. The shape of the handle fits perfectly in the hand and has a thumb ramp for performing cutting tasks with ease. The predator knives are the preferred knife type for self-defense, cutting, and EDC purposes.

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