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Reate Baby Machine Knife Series by Reate Knives

Reate Knives aim at fulfilling all production and customized manufacturing demands of the customers by using the best quality materials and advanced technology. The company was founded by David Deng who dedicatedly worked to manufacture the best quality knives. David collaborated with artisan from around the globe including knife makers from Europe, Asia, and United States to produce cost-effective and innovative knives. Reate Knives work with the motto of getting the job done the way customers want.


     Reate Knives collaborated with Tashi Bharucha to produce the finest quality pocket knives with great ergonomic design. The Reate Baby Machine Knives feature stonewash finished Titanium handle. The handlebar has an extra thumb pull for a comfortable and strong grip. The ultra-sharp blade of the knife is made with the highest quality Damascus stainless steel.  Reate Knives use freeze-edging technique while constructing the blade. While grinding the blade, the temperature is controlled at certain degrees to maintain the hardness and sharpness of the knives. The knives have a lanyard hole at the bottom of the handle and in few knives, nylon-made zippered storage case is attached for safe storage and transportation.


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