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Gerber Survival Gear by Gerber Knives

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Gerber Gear is an American brand that manufactures high-quality and reliable knives and tools. The company was founded. Founded by Joseph R. Gerber, the brand is renowned as a master of tools with ultimate and innovative go-to-gear. The brand offers an extensive inventory of products which includes multi-tools, axes, headlamps, handsaws, survival kits, and many more.


Gerber survival gear presents a range of folding blade knives, fixed blade knives, bracelets, scout essential kit, blade sharpeners, fire starter, canteen & cup, saws, lights and more. Designed with precision, these products assist users for outdoor tactical situations and tough circumstances. The tactical knives in this series have stainless steel constructed blades that add to their strength and durability. Featuring rubber handles to ensure a non-slip grip. Most EDC knives in this series have lanyard hole for easy carry and partially serrated blades that aids in cutting hard materials including ropes and fabrics. The fire starter has a Ferrocerium rod for high-quality sparks. It comes equipped with an aluminum storage cover. This series includes a complete survival kit that includes a bag to accommodate other products like shovels, saw, knife, and much more. The tactical series offers products beyond just tactical tools. Expect a stylish range of survival bracelet that will boost your overall look. The canteen and cup in this series can be used to heat water, whenever required. Gerber survival gear is equipped with most tools and accessories that are preferred by hunters, trekkers, mountaineers, and campers.


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